Episode Review:Green lantern-The Animated Series: "Heir Apparent"(Episode 5)

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On this episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, oops, I mean Green Lantern; A queen needs a new King, a warrior falls and our hero falls in love .So we have our first episode where Hal gets a love interest for an episode. Honestly I didn’t like this episode much, the writers try to use some tricks but ultimately it ends up being predictable and the world they created was half baked.
Play by play
The episode starts by the group having a conversation about Aya being a Green Lantern. Apparently the group wants more members and Aya wants to be a Lantern but Kilowog claims she can’t be because she doesn’t have a physical body. Of course as you know, last episode Aya created a body for herself and she shows it off by quickly assembling herself (apparently she can assemble herself faster than before and has been practicing) this leads to Hal intervening and having a discussion with Kilowog about Aya right in front of her and proclaiming that Aya must stay aboard the ship. Remember when I said that the group wanted new members, well apparently they found the sector Lantern and Travel to his planet (known as Batrassis) hoping to convince them to join their cause, while keeping Aya and Razer in the interceptor. There they meet the beautiful queen whom Hal instantly falls for and her brother Ragnar is awed by the Lanterns. We learn that a colony of theirs was attacked by Red Lanterns and that the queen has no King. See in this a planet a queen cannot rule by herself and as such when there is no king the greatest warrior of the planet may claim the queen’s hand by a battle and a brutish looking and brash sounding warrior named Kothak asks for any opponents. Here we meet the sector green Lantern Dulak who accepts the challenge. We later learn that Dulak, noble man that he is, will only fight Kothak to stop him from marrying the queen and fight without his power ring to make things fair. After the battle he will then join Hal on his quest. Hal meanwhile tells an excited Ragnar about how Green Lantern’s get their rings.
On the day of the battle, Kothak shows up to the arena clad in armour but Dulak doesn’t and Kothak comments on his cowardice. Hal decides to challenge Kothak and despite being an outsider the queen allows it. Razer checks in with Hal, wondering what’s taking Hal so long only to find out about the situation and Aya being told to scan for Dulak. Of course Razer decides to take matters to his own hands when Aya has found something and so they leave the ship and head for the areas beneath the castle where they find, in a hidden area, a sarcophagus with the dead Dulak and no Green Lantern ring, even its energy signature is untraceable by Aya. Meanwhile Hal trains with Queen Iolande on some hover bike like vehicles while Kilowog watches and is served drinks by Ragnar (and he comments about the lack of slime) although Ragnar gives something off to Kilowog when he claims there are only two GL’s on the planet to Kilowog. Anyway Hal and Iolande fly through the city when suddenly Hal’s engine explodes. He comes out unscathed and despite the queen’s warnings of sabotage, he still wants to fight. The queen is awed by this and thinks herself a weak leader but Hal assures her that she will make a great leader and he’s a good judge of character. Then Hal and Kilowog find out about Dulak’s death and suspect Kothak but don’t have enough on him.
The day of the next battle begins. Kothak and a de-powered Hal put up quite a fight with Kothak acting brash as usual. Kilowog gets a drink from Ragnar (with slime this time!) but then collapses, apparently poisoned and the fight stops. While Hal want’s to find justice for his comrade, Kothak insists that the battle continue but then suddenly a suspiciously glowing ring lands on Ragnar’s hand and if you haven’t guessed it already, he boasts about deserving his newfound power and his plot to kill the two lanterns to get the green lantern ring because he is worthy and how he is now ruler. Of course the ring is a fake and disappears and Kilowog was onto Ragnar the whole time and faked his death. Ragnar, done with the naive kid act decides to hold his sister hostage and attempts to flee with a hover bike (to where I have no idea) and reveals another part of his brilliant plan: he bribed the soldiers. This was still pretty useless as ultimately Hal gets his ring back and the two lanterns, with Kothak behind, get a cool chase scene until the lanterns yank them of the hover-bike by constructing grappling claws with their rings and catching the bike. Ragnar tries to bargain with his sister’s life bargain but then Hal simply tells her to put on her ring which she does (in case you were wondering where Dulak’s ring went to) and overpowers Ragnar.
So Ragnar is locked up, Iolande gains the respect of Kothak and apparently everyone else, even the soldiers who betrayed her and the Green Lanterns don’t get a new teammate because Iolande’s still the Queen. But hey, Hal does get to smooch the attractive queen.
You know who else was on to Ragnar? Me! The whole episode takes place a planet with a name that sounds like buttresses and it looks pretty “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” but with worse animation, yet the show gives off very little information on this world, the people, what they think. The aliens are just purple humans with pointy ears and we don’t even learn what happened to the soldiers who betrayed their queen and why they did so. It’s just a stop for our Lanterns to simply do some adventuring for an episode and leave (of course I shouldn’t have expected a truly alien society from Green Lantern but this world is barebones).
There were some nice moments of characterisation such as the moment where Razer looked at Aya and mentioned that she looked nice, with her emotionally replying he also looked nice. True she is a babe, but she also probably reminds him of his wife. Kilowog also shows how he’s disgusting by wanting slime (what kind I have no idea) to go with his drink. Hal does show of some more of his cockiness (which does lead him to falling off his hover bike at one point) but the romance between him and the beautiful queen Iolande doesn’t really work and what’s worse is that Hal is already in a relationship with Carol Ferris.
The mystery itself also wasn’t well done as Kothak was played to obviously evil and power mad that I didn’t believe they would go through with him being behind everything and Ragnar was not only to giddy about the Green Lantern’s and completely gave himself away once he confidently mentioned there were only two Green Lanterns, sure that the third was gone. Still his transformation from perky childish boy (complete with childish voice) to megalomaniacal chess master can be jarring. The queen also having Dulak’s ring is also confusing. How did Aya not detect this and why did she not put it on until Hal told her. My guess is they had to pad the episode with a chase scene as her putting it on a lot earlier would have completely eliminated the need for that scene. Though to cut this episode some slack, it could be because Hal gave her the confidence to do so.

Will conservatives like it?
Well there is the fact that Hal is cheating on his girlfriend, which will offend some and Batrassis is a monarchy, but then we learn little of it or its government that this might as well be irrelevant.