Episode Review:FlashForward: "Queen Sacrifice" (Season 1 Episode 15)

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Tonight, Mark goes on a mole hunt- he gets one and misses one. How very Caddyshack.

Okay. I've been banished to the 13 inch TV, away from the family because of my devotion to reviewing this show. My family has exiled me because they'd rather watch a more entertaining show. I should be able to identify with Mark because….


Mark is leaving home. Since he and Olivia can't work through Mark's obsession with Operation Mosaic. Charlie gives him back the bracelet she made him. At the FBI, they look at the remarkably prescient tape made by D. Gibbons aka Dyson Frost. He claims that he is to die on the same day as Demetri, and that they are on a collision course. Mark works out a code hidden in the moves of one of Frost's chess matches from 1991… and it gives them a phone number to a disposable cell. .. something that didn't exist in 1991; Frost's foreknowledge seems to know no bounds. Mark and Demetri zip off to San Fransisco, but the man they planned on seeing is dead before they get there, less than 8 hours after contact with Mark.

Mosaic has a mole.

Mark confides this fact to Vogel- they decide that they need to overturn the whole applecart to find the mole. At this point, Seth McFarlane has a geek moment, and I'm hoping he's the mole and shot on site. On sight, as well.

Oh, we're also following Keiko, Bryce's FlashForward girl. She's fascinated by a group of lowriders, and offers to help one with his car. (She is a robotics expert, after all). His name is Emil, he owns a garage, and gives her a job.

Janis throws Marcy under a nearby bus (figuratively) in the mole-hunt, by disclosing some information about a brother that requires expensive medical treatment. This is probably a red herring. Mmmmm, kippers.

Bryce and Nicole have a close encounter with Keiko, and each other (!) in Little Tokyo one evening after his chemotherapy.

Lloyd tracks down Olivia to find out the rest of the formula on the mirror. She didn't retain most of it, but she did see the formula for an anesthetic, and she writes it down. Somehow, out of this, he figures out that the Q.E.D. is a quantum entanglement device.

The next morning, Emil's shop is busted by immigration. Wow, that was fast.

Demetri, Mark and Vogel discover that Marcy has odd coffee habits… that are coincidently timed to the leaks. Marcy figures out that they have her pegged, and shoots her way out… and YES! Seth McFarlane is shot!!! After a particularly good chase, she is taken down by Janis (no slight intended. Much.) and hauled away.

Simon meets Janis in a garage, and tries to pick her up. She, instead, tells him that his message in killing "Uncle Teddy" was received. She's a mole, too!


It's been noted here before that one of this show's problems is that it reveals information too fast, it doesn't build suspense so much as it barrels from point A to point B like a clockwork robot. This is apparent again this week. We've got a mole. We need to find the mole. We found the mole.

It all rings kind of hollow. In order to build suspense, you have to 'put grandma on the roof'. You have to plant seeds and have the patience to grow. As it is, this show is like a four year old girl breathlessly trying tell you a story, punctuated frequently with "And then…..And then…..And then" This goes beyond pacing issues, this is fundamentally immature storytelling.

Here's the kicker. I understand why they are telling the story this way. They are punctuating the inevitability of destiny by having the pacing reflect this clockwork theory of time. I get that. I also get that it's a lousy way to try to tell a story. How do you make destiny heartbreaking? By actually giving your characters a fighting chance to break free of it.

There is none of that in this show.

So, Demetri dies next week. Or he doesn't. Either way, I'm not really caring, but I'll be here anyway. Probably in a cold, dark corner huddled at the 13 inch TV....