Episode Review:FlashForward: "Course Correction" (Season 1, Episode19)

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Tonight, Flashforward maintains it's streak of good episodes.

Yeah, I had a hard time believing it, too.

Read on... seriously. This episode was not only action-y, it was philosophical. Kind of like Action Philosophers, but not really.

Read On!


Two days before the blackout, Simon gets the phone call telling him that his father has died. Lloyd is prepping for the supercollider to replicate the energies of the Big Bang. The Big Bang turns into the big blackout. A reporter who was in the control room dies.

In the present, Lloyd is on a TV show with the woman that Gough saved by his suicide, exploring the possibility that the universe may 'course correct' and still manage to kill people who've managed to avoid their Mosaic fate so far.

Simon, while riding in an FBI car spot his sister on a bridge. The bad guys are sending him a message:"Give back the ring, or else", and they decorate Simon's sister's face with sniper-ish laser pointers just to illustrate their point. Simon snags a license plate number, though, and bribes a tech to run it. Mind you, you can't get past the suddenly super competent Mark Benford. He calls Simon on his attempted deceptions about his sister. Much to his chagrin, Mark tracks down Annabelle, leaving Simon back at FBI HQ. He could get into mischief left to his own devices, couldn't he?

Bryce is going through chemo; Nicole visits and gives him a book that she said comforted her while dealing with her mother (remember? She wallpapers using pennies…)

River Song… ooops. Fiona Banks (River Banks?????).. calls Demetri in on some cases that look like the Blue Hand is involved. A series of people who were destined to die but outlived their due date are being killed in ways similar to the way they were 'fated' to die. They go to visit one of the Blue Handers to warn him and get some information.

Lloyd and Simon are trying to figure out the quantum entangement device ring. Simon tells Lloyd about Annabelle, his sister, in his normally irritating way.

Lloyd visits Olivia in the hospital when Baltar/Gabriel starts spouting off on how they are supposed to be together. Vreede comes in and asks Gabriel what a sketch in his journal means--- it's a sketch of the completed Mosaic wall.

Bryce's oncologist tells him that he's in complete remission. Something happened with Keiko, but I missed it because Republibot 36-24-36 called, asking me what I wanted from Sonic. I said that a hamburger sounded good. So I think that Keiko's immigration issues are mostly solved.

The Blue Hand guy looks like he's killing those who avoided the icy cold spectre of death. Banks and Noh run to save Celia (The girl Gough died for), she's obviously the next target. After a kerfluffle involving cars, rain and slippery streets, Blue Hand Guy dies while trying to help the Universe 'push back'. Celia is accidently hit by Banks, but is alive as of the commercial break.

Lloyd and Simon talk in the parking garage, where Simon is uncharacteristicly repentant. This means that he doesn't expect to live, I imagine.

Bryce and Nicole swap spit and decide that all that matters is now.

Banks and Noh sit in her office, in shades of her flashforward with Gough. The hospital calls; they don't expect Celia to live.

Mark recovers Annabelle, but Simon's plans are already in play. He's stolen the Q.E.D. ring…

Olivia visits Lloyd to show him brain scans proving that no one got brain damage from the blackout. Mark shows up… awkward! They put together that Simon Campos is suspect Zero, and Annabelle says that the bad guys need Simon to create another blackout.


Finally! Things are moving quickly toward April 29th… oh. Yeah. April 29th has come and gone; mainly because the show did so badly in the ratings that the 'real date' schedule was thrown out of whack.

Produce a slow-starting series and the Universe pushes back.

Anyhow, the theme this evening seems to be that even if you avoid your fate, it will eventually circle around and get you in the end. The major parts will be played, the high notes will be hit- even if the players aren't quite the same. This implies that it is not people, but events that are important. It's the view of history from the future, not the story of the battles on the ground that are important. Gough dies, his Brit partner takes his place so that the same events happen. I wonder if Alex (River Song, Fiona Banks)Kingston appreciates the irony that her present body of work presents. As River, she's constantly protecting the Doctor from spoilers that she wants and needs to happen. As Fiona, knowledge of the future is spoiling her life.

Gabriel's knowledge of the Mosaic board is interesting… how does he know what it looks like if he's not actually there at some point? James Callis is very entertaining as Gabriel… his tantrum over his hamburger was classic. This show has more Brits in it than the afore nearly mentioned Doctor Who. They are great actors, but they are saddled with having to keep in character and not break accent. Not everybody is Hugh Laurie… and even he has trouble with it. This very thing is what destroyed the Bionic Woman remake- Michelle Ryan is a sparkling, effervescent actress who, when saddled with putting on an American accent, turned into a dull, plodding actress. The same thing has happened here. The cast of great actors doesn't quite get American rhythm and pacing.

(The hamburger was delicious, thank you!)

Here's my big problem with the series… I'm actually starting to like it, and it is dead, dead, dead.

What will you think on April 29th? (heh.)