Episode Review:Doctor Who: The Beast Below (Episode 758)

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As a parent, I have often been called on to scare off the Monster Under the Bed. In fact, according to the current crop of Doctor Who producers, that's the Doctor's job as well-- to be scarier than the monster under the bed. Well, what if the monster is a good monster, and provides the means for you to survive in an environment that's even scarier? That's the question tonight's Doctor Who asks,

For Doctor Who, I'm going to skip the recap, as thousands of sites already have one up by the time BBC-America broadcasts the current episode. Wikipedia has one, if you're interested.

The Doctor faces a conundrum that strikes at his very soul- and one that I think we'll see repeated this season- What does Mankind mean to the Doctor? and What will he do to preserve man? Although his existential crisis is brief, it is profound. Enough for him to say "when I'm done, I'll have to find a new name, because I won't be the Doctor anymore".

This version of the Doctor is furious when he finds out that Amy deliberately forgets information that he feels he should have. She saves herself in his eyes by perceiving the situation with her heart. It appears that the Doctor, though compassionate, has a bit of a blind spot regarding his emotional intuition. That said, there's something odd about Amy, and I'm not quite sure what.

A new character is introduced, and I like her. I want her to be a companion-but she won't, due to the nature of her situation. Yes, I'm talking about Liz 10, the gun-toting, regal yet earthy Queen Elizabeth the Tenth. As far as companions go, she strikes me as part Leela, part Romana 1 and part Donna Noble. She's wild, but civilized; independent yet cognizant of her responsibilities.... an excellent character. Too bad she's probably a one shot character.

We're beginning to see some distinctions between the Tennant and Smith Doctors. For fun and games in the comment section, I want to see if you've spotted some of the things I did.

Not to say this is a flawless episode... the creature is a bit ridiculous, and the vomit scene was... vomitous. But, that said... not bad for a second episode.