EPISODE REVIEW:BATMAN:The Brave and The Bold:"The Golden Age of Justice!" (Season 2, Episode 5)

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Suddenly, the Justice Society of America is big, and leave it to Batman: The Brave and the Bold to bring them to television a couple weeks ahead of Smallville. So, how'd they make out? Find out after the jump!

Play by Play


Batman and Detective Chimp solve a drawing room mystery by playing good Darknight Detective, bad Simian Sleuth. They uncover False Face (!), and dispatch him in quick fashion.

Main Episode

We are treated to a newsreel of the Justice Society battling Per Degaton. Through goofy narration, we meet Flash, Wildcat, Hourman, Hawkman, Dr. Mid-Nite and Black Canary (The original). They foil Degaton's plans for conquest. Degaton disappears in a flash, leaving behind his spear (and Magic Helmet?)

We flash to the present, where the JSA is having a reunion. Batman and Black Canary (current version) pop in for a visit- the JSA having trained them both. They treat Canary as a Ming Vase, much to her chagrin. A skulky figure goes back into the trophy room- it's Professor Zee, ally of Per Degaton. Zee releases Degaton from the Spear (no magic helmet), where he promptly takes out the geriatric heroes.

In yet another flashback, we see that Batman thought that the JSA showed Canary favoritism. Black Canary and Wildcat reminisce a bit about her mother, the Original Black Canary's death.

While everybody is busy flashbacking, Degaton has obtained a robot army (still, no magic helmet). He attacks, using his time spear to age Batman into a Frank Miller parody.

In quick succession, Degaton ages the rest of the Justice Society, not that they weren't already there.

"I turn my back for 10 seconds and you're 80 years old and covered in robots!"

Black Canary and Wildcat separate Degaton from his spear (and magic helmet), and Batman uses it to de-age the Society. They fight robots for a while, until Black Canary uses her scream to blow up the spear. Everybody returns to their normal age, except Degaton, who ages ridiculously and Zee, who de-ages into a baby. They exchange one-liners, and the episode ends.


Pretty nifty to see this bunch in action. We've seen Wildcat and Flash, and the Modern Black Canary, but the others are a welcome addition.

There was some interesting character development in this episode, in the form of the 'Justice Society liked you best' flashbacks. Seeing Batman and Canary in training was pretty cool as well. There was a time when Batman was NOT the best of the best.

Per Degaton is an obscure villian (unless you're a JSA fan), but a good choice for this episode, with all the aging/de-aging and the geriatric heroes.

I don't think we've seen False Face (the teaser villain) in any medium since the 1960's live action series. I really can't check right now, since my internet service is down…. if that's the case, kudos to the writer for pulling that out of the Magic Helmet.

You knew I was going to figure out how to bring that back in, right?

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