EPISODE REVIEW:Batman: The Brave and The Bold: "The Fate of Equinox!" (Season 1, Episode 26)

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Last episode of Season one of this surprising little show. Did it go out with a bang or a whimper?

Let's take a look-

Play by Play

Teaser- Batman faces off against Two-Face, with his teaser sidekick: Two-Face…. well, he is of two minds about everything.

Batman has tracked Equinox to a South American temple, housing a rather large and impressive gyroscope. To help, Batman brings Doctor Fate, who in this universe is a footsoldier of the Lords of Order. A very powerful footsoldier, thought.
After a scuffle, Equinox falls into the gyroscope and ka-boom. No more Equinox.

Yet, as a result, all manner of higglaldy-piggaldy breaks loose. Fate and Batman retreat to study the situation, find out that it's far worse than they imagine and they go and consult the Lords of Chaos and Order.

The cosmic dudes reveal that they created Equinox to balance the scales and that he saw Batman as an opposite number- one who could bring about his end and an end to his inner strife resulting from trying to maintain balance. Or something like that. Mystic mumbo jumbo is more mind numbing than technobabble.

Equinox shows up and eats the Lords of Order and the Lords of Chaos, not in that order. Fate and Batman escape, only to find that Equinox-zilla is stomping on Gotham. They quickly deduce that fifty foot quasi-deities are a bit above their paygrade, so they summon a host of heroes that Batman has worked with over the past season…. not to team up, but to lend Batman all their powers, turning Batman into an amalgam of heroism.

Batman and Equinox take their fight into orbit, where Batman beats Equinox through a combination of fisticuffs and dime store philosophy. This works mostly because Equinox is made up of Woolworth mysticism.

Batman gives everybody their powers back… even Plastic Man's, and gives a rousing pep talk. Too bad it's wasted because the emergency is over...


Not too bad an episode, really. The teaser was very close to brilliant, and the episode was on-balance, pretty good (pun intended). It aspired to themes of dualism and balance, but never quite made it. It had some nice bits, but I'm not sure that they intended to imply that the other heroes required the discipline of Batman to be effective… however, that very well may be the show's central conceit.

I am looking forward to season 2, assuming that Cartoon Network actually announces when new episodes are coming on; it's almost too much work to track down when this show is scheduled. This is too bad, it's far better than the Marvel shows, Superhero Squad, 'specially. (oooh. It's dreadful)