EPISODE REVIEW: Young Justice: "Insecurity" (Episode 23)

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Artemis and Green Arrow take out Black Spider and prevent an assassination. At Belle Reve prison Sports Master is breaking out Professor Ivo and taking him to meet other villains and Light members. Red Arrow and GA team up where it is revealed that Roy has been chosen to join the League but must become a part of the Team first as a show of good faith.

Roy, Wally and Kaldur are assigned to tail Sports Master. Artemis insists she come along due to her insecurities about how she came to join the Team and the new arrival of Red. Sports Master and Cheshire pick up a case and fight with the Team. Eventually they are tracked to a warehouse where Klarion, the Brain, and Ivo alter the piece of Starro as the others fight it out. The Light gets away and it is revealed that Artemis had purposefully misled the Team by planting a tracker on a train.

At the Cave Conner, Megan and Zatanna snoop on Red Tornado due to boredom and discover he is building a humanoid android in order to fit in better. After the rest of the Team returns, Kid Flash berates Artemis for her insecurity and selfishness.

In the closer Artemis is confronted by Sports Master in an attempt to persuade her to join with him.


This episode wasn’t great, but it was necessary. It was written more for transition to the home push toward the finale than anything else. But there were moments that were strong on their own. Getting to see Artemis and GA together in action was a treat since we rarely see the sidekicks with their mentors in action. On top of that, we got pretty much the closest thing to a Marvel crossover due to the battle with Black Spider. Yes, he’s basically Spiderman as an assassin. Sure there is a DC villain with the same name but the design is not very close to the comic book version, and considering that he moves, dresses and speaks like Spiderman, it’s a fun moment. He’s even voiced by Josh Keaton, voice of Peter Parker/Spiderman in the excellent and unfortunately cancelled Spectacular Spiderman.

The news of Red Arrow’s call up to the League is tantalizing and it was fun to finally see him as a true part of the team. The mission was boring, but the scenes of Superboy and the rest snooping at the Cave was fun and it was nice to actually have Aqualad back in action even if his screen time was pretty limited.

However, the standout character in this episode wasn’t Artemis, Arrow or the villains. It was Kid Flash. He’s shown a large growth in maturity lately and is beginning to closer resemble the Wally West that will eventually become and important voice and presence in the League. His reassurance of Artemis was spot on, but his speech at the end was perfect: short, harsh, and true.


Not actually much here that I didn’t already mention.

Will conservatives like this episode?

They may find it a bit boring but it’s fine.