EPISODE REVIEW: Young Justice: "Disordered" (Episode 17)

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After the events of last weeks episode (back reviews coming during the Holidays) the Team is in a daze. It’s safe to say the traumatizing events of the practice simulation have had a lasting effect more than a week later.
Batman expresses his concern with the Team’s struggles to cope and brings in Black Canary to counsel the members one on one. As she spends time with each hero individually she attempts to coax them into confronting the feelings each experienced during the session. Each member shares to varying degrees, except for Superboy who takes off in frustration.
After blowing up on Canary, Superboy tries to ride out of the base with Wolf on his motorcycle. Surprisingly, Sphere is revealed to have a motorcycle transformation and the boy and his dog fly off on his bike. While out he’s confronted by the Forever People, a group of young New Gods from New Genesis (Jack Kirby!!) who demand the return of Sphere to them. Suddenly the group runs into Intergang who’s been provided with technology from their world. After thwarting their attempted robbery the action amps up after its revealed that their supplier is Desaad, an agent of Apokolips.
Superboy and the Forever People defeat Intergang and gets to keep Sphere but also learns something about himself and what he really wants and needs. The team, thanks to Canary, has plenty of things to think about in the coming weeks.


Disordered is the ideal “sequel” episode. It picks up on the story from last week without rehashing it. I cant explain how refreshing it was to see the characters affected by what they went through a few days before. The kids were visibly shaken; the uncomfortable silence between everyone to open the episode, the tv showing a blank screen, the blatant denial some of the members are in versus how open and honest others are was a realistic portrayal of varying reactions to trauma. Even the concern from the members of the league and the worry on the faces of the “den mothers” wrapped me into this episode in a way that was surprising to me.
Honestly I initially rolled my eyes when the therapy sessions with Canary were mentioned. In hindsight, they ended up being the best part of the episode. This is what we’ve been waiting for. This is what this show has been promising since before it aired: a superhero show based around teenage sidekicks that isn’t afraid to be a more mature take. That doesn’t run from themes like love, death and insecurity. When you show The Batman as worried about the team and confronted by a guilt stricken Martian Manhunter about how much his own personal trauma has scarred him then you are willing to rise above what most animated shows will do.
My favorite moments have to be, along with the brief exchange between Manhunter and Batman:
Superboy pleading with the Forever People over Sphere and acknowledging their bond
Aqualad acknowledging the fact that he didn’t behave like a leader in sacrificing himself and yet doing it again by retaining leadership because no one else is capable. He is the mvp of this series because his maturity on the team is what keeps the weaker episodes from being a less charming Teen Titans wannabe.
Cool, calm, unshakable Robin pouring out his soul on how he doesn’t feel like he can live up to Batman’s unflinching ability to sacrifice it all for the mission – and he doesn’t want to.
Superboy admitting that through the whole ordeal he was happy because he understood what it was like to be Superman, everything he’s ever wanted and his guilt over finally feeling that was poignant to say the least.

These moments combined with the connections to Apokolips have set up the series to really grow and to be honest, NOW I finally feel like this show has some direction. Needless to say I’m excited for the future.
Will Conservatives like this?
I can’t see why not.