EPISODE REVIEW: Young Justice: "Denial" (Season 1 Episode 7)

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The Wikipedia logline reads thus: "Kent Nelson has gone missing and the team is sent to find him. Kid Flash is forced to put his skepticism of magic aside when the team has to prevent the helmet of Doctor Fate from falling into the hands of Abra Kadabra and Klarion the Witch Boy. "


So… Doctor Fate?  Sounds interesting…


Spoiler filled recap after the jump-




Kent Nelson goes to see Madame Xanadu to contact his dead wife- Madame X tries to run the old seance scam on him, but he just laughs.  He says she has the right aura for the work…  he is quickly attacked and disappears, leaving a stunned Xanadu behind.


Red Tornado tells the team that Kent Nelson has disappeared.  The team, minus Robin, volunteers to go find him. Wally is skeptical regarding the mystic arts, however he's playing along to get in good with M'Gann.   Tornado gives them a key to the Tower of Fate.  This proves to be a test- as Klarion (the aforementioned 'witch boy') and Abra Kadabra, the captors of Fate (ooh.  There's a band name in there somewhere….) look on mockingly.


After falling into a trap, we learn that a good chunk of the team shares the same vulnerability: heat.  YJ then have a heart to heart about magic, Wally is an unbeliever- a strident one at that- in the ways of magic.


In short order, Artemis and Kid Flash encounter Kent Nelson and his captors, and free the ancient sorcerer.   After a rather pointless elevator ride, the rest of the team joins them.  Klarion is after the helmet of Fate, and he's a very determined.  In the battle, Kent dies, leaving Wally to don the Helmet of Fate.        Doctor Fate fights the battle with Klarion while Wally has an OBE with Kent.  Eventually, Fate wins the battle, sending the witch-boy running.  Fate doesn't want to relinquish Wally's body, but Kent makes a bargain to save Wally from Fate.


Fate's helmet is put on the YJ trophy shelf, and Wally makes a good show of still not believing… but that may just be a front.  Artemis is frustrated with him; Wally continues to chase M'Gann…


Quote of the Day

"Order went out in the 20th Century"-Klarion.    I wish it weren't so true…

(Note- normally I'd put a 'Robinism' here- but no Robin, no tortured English…)



This episode had a nice vibe to it.  Kent obviously got on well with the kids, and his longing for his dead wife was palpable.  The chemistry between Artemis and the rest of the team is starting to gel, and she and Wally will become an item.  I don't know how the spy subplot will work it's way in, but I'm sure it will.


Interesting that Aqualad's powers are technomage-ish, no?  


In the World Building department- it looks like there was a Justice Society back during WWII, but there is a huge gap between the JSA and the JLA of today, time wise.

There also appears to be a living Martian society.  J'Onn and M'Gann do not seem to be the only Martians in existence.


Overall, a good change-up pitch in a rapidly developing universe.  

Will Conservatives Like This Episode

Well, it's a bit heavy on the magic (which can be a bit of a deal breaker for social conservatives), but it does value order over chaos- and the interplay and respect between the elder Kent Nelson and the young Wally West was well played.