EPISODE REVIEW: Warehouse 13: "Mild Mannered" Season 2 Episode 2

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It time once again for me to pretend that I know how to review TV episodes so without farther ado here is the second week of the second season of Warehouse 13.


This week starts with Myka and Pete walking down the street of the nameless town they live in. Pete is saying hello to every passerby who looks right through him like he is not there. I guess the locals would rather not think about the Men in Black among them.

Meanwhile in Detroit a criminal is ransacking an apartment we switch to an exterior view when we hear a weird noise and gun shots then someone is thrown through a brick wall.

After a pointless scene at the post office where Myka receives a trunk and Pete is blown off by the butch mail clerk we switch to the Warehouse where Artie is zoning out and jumps when Claudia sneaks up behind him. Artie tells Claudia to get to work helping Leena with the new motion sensors and Claudia bocks. Artie gives Claudia a paranoid speech about threats that is interrupted by an alert on the computer.

Now we get an out of character scene in Myka’s room being a girly girl as she distributes her loot from the trunk listening to Strauss. She is caught by Pete and Leena who try to tease her but she is too happy that her room is now feeling like home. Artie kills the music and gives our heroes their assignment of the week. It seems street hoods are getting light poles and flag poles rapped around them for the police to find so off to Motown (Detroit) go Myka and Pete. Artie asks Leena to get over her tiff with Claudia and work with her. After Artie leaves Leena has a cheap special effects seizure or event.

We now find our heroes in Detroit in the ransacked apartment with no apparent time laps from travel time because the cops are still there. Myka talks to a beat cop and we learn he was the first on the scene of all three events and is mad because of city cut backs. Pete doing something useful for once finds three spent bullets that look as if they hit armor plate.

Back at the Warehouse Artie is finishing an install of a sensor (sure to be important in a coming episode) when he looks behind him as if he heard something then bang Macpherson is there and says something unimportant. Artie does a three stooges I-just-saw-a-ghost imitation and Macpherson is gone. Leena asks Claudia to help her with the installs and gets blown off in a rude way.

Back in Motor City the beat cop brings Myka and Pete to a pie shop were the neighborhood watch meets. We see a bald tattooed guy talking about the need to give the bad guys a beat down and also meet Kaylee and Simon Tam from Firefly. Simon states “There are only two types of criminals: parasites and cowards.” This episode has red herrings all over the place but we know it’s the guest stars it always is.

After a minute of chit chat Kaylee opens the shops safe and we see a small red cloth bag and Pete and Myka exchange meaningful looks. Then they decide to tail the beat cop because he was at all three scenes and is pissed at the city.

Sitting inconspicuously in their brand new government sedan in a rundown part of Detroit our heroes watch the beat cop as Pete eats pie. The cop gets a radio call and runs down the street. Myka and Pete give chase on foot and find the cop at a crime scene and then they make asses of themselves by drawing their weapons and demanding the artifact.

Shots are heard outside of the apartment and the cop and our heroes run outside in time to see a person dressed like the Phantom holding some guy over his head as purple rays pulse from his body. After throwing the bad guy over their heads the person in purple jumps away and Pete says happily it was a superhero. Roll title sequence, man that was a long 15 minutes.

Back from commercial and Pete explains that the super was the Iron Shadow a made up comic that was Pete’s favorite. After some more chit chat Myka and Pete go to harass the pie lady. They make Kaylee open the safe while Simon tells them off and with bad hand acting shows his building rage. Myka retrieves the small cloth bag seen earlier and they discover an old style key that does nothing. So far Myka and Pete have increased the number of people that know that government agents are idiots by three.

On the street Myka and Pete decide it’s time to harass the local nerds and go to the comic shop were the tattooed bald guy from the pie shop is the owner. He hits on Myka while Pete goes off to do research Myka asks for the shops pull list of people who want Iron Shadow merchandise. (Someone on staff collects comics if they know what a pull list is.)

Myka finds Pete reading an Iron Shadow comic where he tells her he has them all but issue 44. Pete also quotes the iron Shadow’s motto which is “There are only two types of criminals: parasites and cowards.” Myka remembers hearing Simon say this and it’s off to the Batmobile which is just a rental.

Now back at the Warehouse, Artie sees the ghost of Macpherson reflected on his computer monitor and spins around to find Claudia and Leena. Leena gets Artie to tell him about his problems and Claudia is spooked by the ghost idea but Artie explains there aren’t any such things as ghosts but the dead can come back and hands Claudia a book.

I am hating the way they jump between the two stories. Lt’s irritating, but now Myka and Pete are at Simons apartment and he admits he is the super and escapes. Outside Simon is on the roof across the street and gives the standard hero/villain speech about cleaning up the city and then does a Hulk hand clap and sends Pete and Myka flying into a wall.

Back from more commercials and the Iron Shadow tells Myka and Pete to leave town and flies away. Myka now gives us a little technobabble that the super powers must be coming from an artifact that controls the wearer’s density. (Sure, why not?)

Jumping to the warehouse, Artie uses a washing machine to neutralize a prayer rope used to resurrect Rasputin. Claudia tells Leena she is pissed because she almost lost the only family she has ever known because of Leena and Leena says me too.

Myka calls Claudia and after some research tells her that they are looking for Jack Kirby’s belt. Pete tells Myka they need to go to Kaylee to trap Simon. So back to the pie shop but Simon is there and tells Kaylee he is the Iron Shadow. Myka and Pete jump in guns drawn and they ask for the artifact. Simon losses control and almost brings down the building hurting Kaylee and flies away.

In the now trashed pie shop Myka tells Kaylee that Simon loves her, Pete gets a call on the Farnsworth and it's Claudia with good news that she has whipped up some stuff to get the artifact Pete says great but you are in South Dakota then Claudia walks into the pie shop. (Ether we are going to see a transporter in the future or the writers have stopped trying to write a sensible story.)

Claudia has brought a light weight suit that adsorbs all kinetic energy but makes men impudent and some Ironman gloves. Using a big Doctor Who sonic screwdriver Claudia determines Simon’s direction and Kaylee knows where is at. So off to the old factor we go.

The gang finds Simon pulsing with energy talking to himself Pete and Claudia try to talk him down but no go so they call in Myka.

Myka is dressed like she is going to fetish club, and if they were going for 'hot.' they missed. She goes up to Simon and get him to hold hands and she adsorbs his power and Pete runs up and gets the belt. But it’s not the belt so after a minute of early celebration where Kaylee comes in and declares her love for Simon things go bad.

Simon loses control again and Claudia gives us the technobabble of him turning into a black whole. They figure out it’s the trunks and Myka goes and grabs him and Pete gets the trunks after some bad acting. Kaylee and Simon go off and Claudia wants to know why they are not busting him. Myka says they an artifact took control and he hurt someone he loved and we can forgive that. (The episodes' special moment.)

Back at the Warehouse Artie figures out that Macpherson and he are linked because of the Phoenix saving both of them and there is no way to get rid of him. He goes to the place were they store ex-agents rooms and finds a note and a watch that Macpherson left for him.

Claudia apologizes to Leena and all is well between them now. Leena has another special effects seizure and calls Mrs. Fredric on her cell.


They seem to have given up on telling coherent stories and are going for a series of action scenes that lead into each other like a video game with hints for next weeks level.

This episode had so many shout outs to every comic printed that it started to get irritating and now all the characters are acting like they are idiots. The show was an OK way to waste an hour but if anything else was on, I would skip this show to watch it.