Episode Review: V - Mid-Season Recap episode (so not really a review at all)

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So, straight on the heels of tonight’s very good episode of Lost (and I say that with full realization that I have no place saying it considering this is the first season I have paid any attention to the series), we had a lackluster Season-to-Date recap of V. A whole hour (well, more like a whole 50 minutes) of lackluster tension building to recap the very little that happened in the previously aired 4 episodes.

So, to help get you up to speed before the show returns full time for the remainder of its short life, make the jump to see our previous coverage of show.

Episode Review: V – Pilot (Season 1, Episode 1)

Hi and welcome to the first regular V recap/review thingy for Republibot. I am Republibot 1.0 and I will be your host and guide through the next several weeks until the show goes on indefinite hiatus based on how well the ratings hold up. I will try my best to be fair and balanced as I share my thoughts on this show with you over its short run, but I feel it important and in the interest of full disclosure to let you all know that I have a very soft spot in my heart for the original, regardless of how hokey it is in retrospect. I am even more fond of it than I am of Man From Atlantis.

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EPISODE REVIEW: V – There Is No Normal Anymore (Season 1, Episode 2)

Welcome back to the second of episode of the rebooted V. A kinder, gentler V with a better effects budget. Our trusty Comcast episode synopsis tells us that: "A seeker among the visitors tracks Erica and Father Jack. Chad seeks redemption by investigating the aliens ahead of his next newscast while Law Enforcers press Erica for information concerning Dale Maddox’s whereabouts." I am assuming that “seeker” used in this sense is that floating V spy-bot and not the teen boy from that horrible adaptation of Susan Cooper’s award winning youth novel The Dark is Rising.

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EPISODE REVIEW: V – A Bright New Day (Season 1, Episode 3)

The third episode of the re-envisioned “V”, or is it re-imagined, was a nice incremental upgrade over the previous two episodes. To this point the show has been deathly dull, and that is on top of being unimaginably boring. According to our ever trusty and handy Comcast show guide, in tonight’s episode – A Bright New Day – Anna receives the first of 100 diplomatic visas issued to the American Visitors; Erica is paired with an alien officer to track down the source of a death threat; and Ryan recruits allies to oppose the Visitors.

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EPISODE REVIEW: V – It’s Only the Beginning (Season 1, Episode 4)

So here we are at the fourth and final (possibly) episode of this new and re-jiggered version of “V”. As you may or may not know after tonight’s show, the series is going on an extended hiatus with a scheduled return date sometime in the late spring. A lot of the final decision on whether or not it will actually return is probably tightly tied up in how well the viewership has held up on the show over its short run. So chances are probably not very good.

Having said that, tonight’s show was another incremental improvement over the previous episode. If it keeps improving at this rate the show should be completely average by mid-next season.

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There you go – all up to speed, so you have no excuse to miss our exciting and passionate reviews of next week’s return of this wonderfully awesome show… or something.