Episode Review: V – Welcome to the War (Season 1, Episode 5)

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And welcome back...  According to our always semi-trusty Comcast episode summary for tonight’s return to the weekly trenches of episodic “V”: Val’s pregnancy concerns Ryan; the REstistance inducts a dangerous new member; Anna is puzzled by Chad, who hasn’t scheduled a follow-up for his diagnosis; and Erica gets attacked at home.

So, to take a cue from the ever trusty Republibot 2.0, let’s dive into this with a bit more depth – right after the jump.

Before we get down to business, feel free to take a few moments to get caught up via this handy recap episode recap post:


Play By Play

We jump right back into the story without very little to do with Jack (I think that is his name – the priest-y dude) being rushed by the parish boss priest-y guy to the local “V’ universal health care center after being stabbed at the end of the last episode. The bald special forces looking “V” dude that stabbed him then shows up to attack Erica, who gives him a quick run for his money and kills him dead, and then once more because since he is a “V” his internal organs are all turned around higgledy-piggledy.

Erica then takes time to be upset that her son ran off to the “V” mother ship. Meanwhile, Ryan’s human girlfriend, who we learned previously is pregnant, is way hungry and a bit worried about it. Ryan is way too calm about the pregnancy, given the fact that he is a lizard and she isn’t. Ericka then takes a moment to have a tender moment with her whiney teen son (who’s shlumpy best friend is nowhere to be seen) have a tender moment in which she tries to talk him into coming home from the “V” mother ship.

We jump to the mother ship (which we learn at the end of this episode is aptly named) in which Anna, the former Firefly prostitute and now anorexic queen “V”, vows to crush the “V” Fifth column. We see the Priest guy get cured of his knife wound and then get inoculated with R6, the mysterious substance that they discovered in an earlier episode. And then Ryan meets up with a hot “V” doctor  who is also a Fifth columnist and tells her about his girlfriend but doesn’t want to bring her in to be examined. He also hands over a vial of R6 for her to analyze.

Anna then discusses the need to set up a patsy to take the fall for the warehouse bombing – a former special forces, FBI most wanted dude. So Ericka immediately realizes they should recruit him to teach them how to be a real insurgency. Not sure I understood this part.

Can I just take a minute to say that I am seriously sick of the Fugu Japanese blowfish sushi death by poison imagery? Well I am. Anyway, Anna tries to talk Chad (Party of Eight) into letting them cure him of the incurable disease that they told him he didn’t have in the last episode but was going to get. Jack dreams that the R6 that he was given by the “V”s turns him into a lizard. And Erica tracks down Hobbs, the FBI most wanted fella, to recruit him. And Erica’s son (sorry, I just don't care enough to remember his name) gets his memories scanned while on the “V” mother ship.

Ryan reveals himself to be a “V” with repitilian eyes to Hobbs and seals the recruitment deal that Erica was offering. And we learn from hottie “V” doctor that the R6 is a tracking mechanism. Anna, to make good on her promise to provide an army, picks a mate through a creepy smelling process of a line-up of the best suited male matches in the fleet. Surprisingly, even though they are Lizards, their human physiques and faces make then all look like male underwear models.

In the end, we have what would be a great shock moment if it made any sense whatsoever, but it doesn’t so it kinda leaves us scratching our heads.


Well, I have to say they have come back with a roar, now whether or not that is a good roar or a bad roar is still to be decided. I used to complain about how glacially paced the show was, but tonight’s episode sped by – the pacing is relentless and distracting, but at least the story is moving ahead at a much better pace than previously. A lot was revealed and the story was definitely moved forward, but I am not sure if that is necessarily a good thing or not.

So much was going on that I was confused most of the night.

One thing that is a bit confusing to me is whether or not the huge fleet that is on its way are friendly to the “V” or their enemies. I took away at the end of the mid-season finale that they were enemies, but it was implied in tonight’s episode that they are reinforcements called into play by Anna. Also, I have no idea how Ryan’s girlfriend is going to have a child with him without them coming up with some kind of explanation – it seems they are trying to set that up with Erica’s whiney teen son, but so far there is no explanation forthcoming for Ryan and his girl.

Anna trying to set-up a patsy to blame for the warehouse bombing to take a potential threat out of the picture and Erica immediately jumping on it as a recruiting need felt like it came out of left field and was mostly put in place in order to add additional cast and speed up the arrival of the real action. And finally the big shock reveal at the end of the episode just seemed lame and pre-mediated. It went against the physiology of the costumes that they have already established. It was shock for shock’s sake.

So, the pluses are that they really have amped up the story telling and are trying to get the plot moving forward, the minuses are that they are taking short cuts to get there. Hopefully, things will level out shortly and they can get everything evened out.

Thoughts? Do you agree or partially agree? I am pretty sure I am right about everything I said, so I can’t imagine anyone would disagree.