Episode Review: V – John May (Season 1, Episode 7)

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I’m late. I know. Hopefully, the expectation wasn’t interminable for all of you as you waited for this exciting recap.

This week on a very special episode of “V”: Erica, Ryan and Jack seek out the legendary John May to rescue Georgie; Tyler probes his mysterious past during a confrontation with his mother; Chad visits the mother ship to report on Anna’s Live Aboard program.

Excellent. Let’s get to the nitty gritty, right after the jump.

Play by Play

In Erica’s world – well, the big secret from last week about the “truth” about Erica’s obnoxious and useless teenage son, who from now on I will call Baba O’Reilly (mainly because calling him Teenage Wasteland would be too cumbersome), is revealed. And what is that super secret revelation? Baba’s dad might not actually be his dad!! Because, apparently after Baba had his motorcycle accident a few years earlier, the hospital had to do some donor tests for him in case there was a need, and his dad’s blood work didn’t match up. So, instead of getting another test he just assumed one quick blood test was final and that he wasn’t the real father and broke up with her. Erica, of course, didn’t help the situation because she isn’t a real person.

In Jack’s world – well…. Nothing, actually. It is almost like the new show runners have no idea what his character is supposed to do so they just have him stand around on the edges of scenes and look perplexed, conflicted and slightly constipated.

In Ryan’s world – his girlfriend feels the baby kicking and gets concerned, because she is only about two weeks pregnant (I think this is right, passage of time in this show is almost impossible to figure out – how long have the “V” been around now?). So while she is looking for a phone number for the hottie undercover “V” pediatrician, she finds a hidden safe that is poorly hidden behind a pair of dirty pants in his closet. Meanwhile, Ryan is trying to take the “team” to track down the mysterious John May in order to get a com devise that will let them communicate with the onboard resistance. In the interim he has a handy flashback to the last time he saw John May when he dropped in on him unannounced for dinner.

In Party of Five's world – our intrepid and listless reporter interviews Anna about the “John May Lives” call to arms which Anna, naturally, dodges. He then confronts her on the kinds of people that she is inviting onto the Live Aboard program – a series of also-rans that come from high achieving families but never achieved anything themselves. By the end of their 2 minute discussion which they are able to space out over most of the running length of the show, it appears that Chad sells himself out to her in order to do something great himself, which, I suppose is win a Pulitzer – something which this show will never win.

In Baba O’Reilly's world – while visiting his potential un-father, hottie Anna daughter “V” blondie visits him. She manipulates the situation by revealing to him that his father isn’t really his father. Baba gets all weepy and offended and runs away after confronting his dad.

In Hobbes's world – our rugged and always on the edge terrorist recruit does nothing on his own this week, except tag along and whine and then kill a hottie undercover spy “V” at the last possible minute.

The Team – the whole group visits John May’s former human family. They discover that May’s step-son, who is still in grieving from the suicide of May from when he was a boy, has a new girlfriend who, wait for it, is a “V” spy. Hobbes, Erica and Jack figure out she isn’t who she seems to be pretty quick and flush her out and then get into a fight. Hobbes finally shows what he is there for and kills her. They grab the confused and morose step-son and take off to a storage facility where John May’s personal belongings are being held.

They retrieve the communications device – a clearie marble, which is generally worth more than a cat’s eye. They are then attacked by one of those floating spy-bots that is like a weird mix of the spy-bots in John Carpenter’s They Live and the many eyed floating spy monster in Big Trouble in Little China. Erica shoots it down while everyone else stands around doing nothing and then Ryan confesses to killing John May and tearfully apologizes to the step-son who looks like he is going to have a heart attack after everything that has happened to him.

In Georgie's world – is still being held captive on the mother ship and is being tortured for information. The evil “V” drop a “Scour” in his eye. A scour is apparently a little mite that likes to travel along the human body’s nerve endings and cause tremendous pain (though it seemed awful big to pull something like that off and they didn’t explain how the scour became familiar with the human body). Georgie resists the torture and Anna demands that they try hard and push deeper than the wimpy Scours to get him to crack. Georgie still resists and when none of the baddie “V”s are looking, the top fifth column doctor dude puts him out of his misery after a touching moment in which he talks with the human resistance on earth via the John May com device which works like a speaker phone.

In Anna's world – is pregnant and having weird cravings and looking all veiny and pale, which is weird considering her skin is fake. She is dealing with the effects of gestating warrior eggs or something. Her assistants are worried about rumors circling the pending Live Aboard group about the John May Lives meme that is going around. She pulls herself together and says there is no choice, they need the program to succeed. She needs “those bodies” aboard the ship. She then takes a bath and starts to lay her eggs.

I think.

It was kind vague and I was struggling to pay attention.


I am disappointed that no one picked up on my V-meter joke from last week’s recap (http://www.republibot.com/content/episode-review-v-%E2%80%93-pound-flesh...). I at least was hoping from some kind of negative feedback from nosy Scientologists. It might be my fault though, I probably didn’t optimize well for search phrasing. So, to reiterate – the V-Meter from last week’s show was exactly what I expect it is like to be e-metered by the Church of Scientology. Plus, I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t lizards under the fake front either.

I still feel like nothing is happing in this show, regardless of the breathless pace, or its lightning editing, or its total lack of energy, or believable characters, or coherent story.

Until next week!!