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We begin the episode with yet another mysterious signal as well as Megatron warship loosing their clocking thingy. Again Optimas and Ratchet go see what up with the distress beacon. Ratchet warns Optimas to stay away from the other robots because of some virus. Then surprise he gets a infected by the virus. Ratchet rushes Optimas back to HQ for recovery. At first there seems to be no cure for this genetically engineered virus. But then one of the kids suggest that if the maker got sick he himself would need a cure. So it comes to a conclusion that the need to go inside of the warship to get the cure which they think is inside the computer system. This soon turns out to be false. we also find out that Starscream and his…flamboyant bot friend/doctor/enemy thing are going to pull the plug on Megatron who is in a comatose after his psychotic rampage. Ah…. scheming its what Starscream does best. So anyways from Ratchet we discover that bots can link up with each other inception style and invade their dreams for info.

Arcee is not so sure of this plan which in truth she is right but, this is Optimus friggin Prime were talking about here!! Bumblebee without hesitation dives right into Megatrons sick mind. Here he sees Optimus killed multiple time by a still psychotic Megatron. Although to say he was calmer than he was last time we saw him well mostly. Eventually we get to the point that Megatron confronts the elusive Bumblebee that he can’t kill in his dreams. Megatron pretty much figures out that Bumblebee is not apart of a dream but instead through some device entered his mind.

Starscream tries to pull the plug on Megatron and is stopped by Soundwave who instead points out an extra cord hooked up to him. Bumblebee tricks Megatron into showing the formula to save Optimus Prime and Starsceam fails to kill Megatron. At HQ everybody celebrates at the success of there mission. Then we get a close up to Bumblebees eyes to reveal Megatron inside. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!


I would have liked to see Starscream scheme just a little harder and longer. His partnership with Knockout is strange. First they really don’t agree with each other , then it becomes sort of a father rebel son relationship. Now to a team up to kill megatron in his sleep. Speaking of sleep man what the hell is wrong with Megatron all that guy does is eat, sleep, and dream about murder. At parts I could definitely tell there’s more to Megatron than him just being brim with anger. Hopefully we get to explore this side of Megatron. I would also like to see Starscream spilt from the group and start some true scheming against Megatron.

Not much other than we get to see the decepticons capital and learn about that Megetron engineered a virus. This could mean he was a scientist/warrior at some time during the war. As far as this episode goes I enjoyed this episode to an extent I just wish they did more. 7.5


Will conservatives like this?
Yeah sure why not.