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So yesterday I heard Megatron walked into the office about the script written for this weeks episode of Transformers. He Asked why do you keep squeezing these kids in every episode. The producer calmly straighten his $400 Versace sunglasses, then ran his hand briskly down his $50 dollar tie and push a seven figure check of an unknown number towards Megatron. For a moment Megatron hesitated trying to maintain some honor……. then took the check and left. If your wondering why Optimus Prime didn’t say anything its because he’s friends with Hasbro. They’re tight.


We begin our episode on the Nemesis (yes I just found out the name of the warship) Starscream awakens pretty much at the mercy of Megatron. Starscream himself hooked up to as many tubes Megatron was when he was down. Anyways for reason not explain he lets Starscream live and muck about on the ship and scheme. But to be honest Starstream looks like crap and doesn‘t really seem to pose a threat, then again that’s always the case. Starscream finds and grabs Megatrons old dark energon shard. Then heads down for some revival therapy for dear old Skyquake with dark energon, just before stabbing himself with the stuff and receives hard ass kicking from some Autobots. With the loss of his arm Starscream decides to bale so he command a bridge be open. Now at the same time the Autobots demand a bridge be open because the kids or more so Miko snuck along. This causes the two bridges to fuse weirdly and the kids are lost in another dimension and Starscream escapes.

From here on we get a lot of eerie hijinks in form of the kids trying to escape the 4th dimension while trying to avoid being killed by a undead Skyquake. Raff does a classic Velma and losses his glasses and the kids use Starscreams arm to try to take down Skyquake but, instead shoots off his arm. Which goes down hill and comes after them. Eventually the Autobots figure out a way to get them out by opening a bridge between dimensions. Starscream tries to get his warrior but fails and again only this time presumably beaten by the Autobots. While the undead Skyquake still wonders endlessly the 4th dimension.


Sigh, it really hurts to watch a wasted episode on kids who learn nothing. Miko is still annoying and Raff need to grow a pair. Raff should have told Miko off as well as Jack. A little surprise they would have Jack be completely feed up with Miko nonsense. I mean Jack complains about everything else.

But onto other things shall we. I did like the 4th dimension no doubt they will use it in up and coming episode. More than likely for a spy mission involving Arcee and Bumblebee.

Oh and how the mighty have fallen, Starscream this episode was pathetic. Not poorly written pathetic but well written. He really at time does feel like he’s at time just falling apart (no pun intended). Its nice to see him hold his composure in front of Megatron instead of cowering and kissing up like a rat. Instead he faces the consequences of his action and goes immediately back to plotting. In retrospect before he was loyal in the sense that he was a bot who followed orders but never was against Megatron fully. Now that he's gotten a taste of leadership, he wants it stay that way. So uh yeah character development all the way. Maybe that upgrade will do him some good since his body is so horribly beaten down.

Will conservatives like this?
Sure why not