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Wow what a familiar but, satisfying episode. Since I’ll be reviewing Transformer: Prime more than likely I compare it to Beast Wars( best transformers incarnation) and Michael Bays Transformers(worst transformers incarnation). So lets hop to it shall we!!!!!!

    The Recap
    The episode begins with Bumblebee and bulkhead searching around the artic for a mysteries item. They soon find it covered in ice and head back to HQ. Ratchet tries to make sure that Bulkhead and Bumblebee are fine but, of course bulkhead being bulkhead resists. Ratchet warns him of the danger of prolonged exposure to the artic temperatures and that they could permanently affect his systems. The always awesome Optimus Prime comes in and asks about their mysterious item . Ratchet informs him that they can’t observe the item till it thaws out properly. The camera switches to the mysterious item already half way thawed out, with something real nasty breaking out.
    Soon the kids arrive much to Ratchet annoyance just as Arcee and Optimus are going back into the Artic to search for more clues on the mysterious find. Ratchet again goes through the whole spiel about how prolonged exposure to the artic cold can affect systems and pretty much kill a AutoBot. After Ratchets safety mom rant Optimus and Arcee leave through the land bridge to the Artic. This leave the other Autobot with kids. Ralph if I got his name right starts wondering around HQ after feeling dejected because he wasn’t the first to play the videogame. He soon stumbles onto a tiny Bot smaller than him and starts treating it like pet. Ralph takes it to the AutoBots, they all freak out the and small Bot wakes up sees the Autobots as a happy meal. And well all hell and wackiness breaks loose in HQ.
    They of course destroy the nasty little bugger but, not before it has a nibble of a snack called Bumblebee. Ratchet then explain that those Scraplets  don’t come sold separately but, by the thousands. They also eat everything machine and are the bane of Cybertron because of it. We  come to find out that Arcee and Optimus are stuck in the freezing Arctic because, the Scraplets have been eating on the land Bridge equipment and pipes. From this point on we get a lot a lot of  Bumblebee, Ratchet, Bulkhead and the kids trying to remove the infestation of  Scraplets  from HQ. We also get a lot of Optimus and Arcee freezing to death with a side of reminiscing.
    Ratchet finally figures out that there’s a leak in the pipes and if they could fix it then they could go get Optimus and Arcee from the Artic before they freeze to death. The problem is the horde of Scraplets would eat them before they can even reach the pipes. So their faith full trusty human companions volunteer and go with dangerous work equipment to fix the pipes leakage. Why? Scraplets don‘t eat flesh. Ratchet gets the land bridge working again just as the thousands of Scraplets are about to descend. A scared and honorable Bulkhead run through the Land Bridge trying to leer all the Scraplets to him therefore to the Artic were they freeze solid. Arcee and Optimus Prime( that name seems to get even cooler everytime I type it) go back to HQ for system check. And everyone including Ratchet appreciates the kids more.


    This was a decent animated episode. It might not have the quality of  Clone Wars but it will do. I like the fact that we get to see something other than the desert. It seem that Transformers: Prime is willing to spread it world view more, something  I speculate were going to see more of. One of the best animated moments is just seeing those nasty little termites eating through the Autobots. It was cool but terrifying seeing it happen and the Autobots walk around with trails bite marks afterwards.
    The concept of the Scraplets is something that has been done before although in this episode it feels so exciting. That scene were it wakes up to the Autobots and tiers up Bumblebee is great it gave me a great since of how dangerous a Scraplet is.  Then when we find out there thousands more just amps everything up. One key scene is were Bulkhead ameliorates the kids ignorance, on how lethal these creatures are. The way he describes how Scraplets eat Autobots from the inside out eating their way into the juicy wires of a Autobots system and when done leaving nothing not even the optics is just heavy. The fact bulkhead told he’s seen this happen could mean he lost someone close to these creatures, especially when you see the look on his face.
    The kid didn’t get on my nerves this episode with eccentric pouting and stupidity. I do realize that the kids are there to give size to these robots it’s just sometimes their annoying (except you Ralph you’re cool.).
    The sub-plot with Arcee and Optimus stuck in the cold seemed lacking. I would have like to see some ice breaking around them, or something happen. But it’s just Optimus Prime giving awesome speeches and words of encouragement while they freeze. Man it funny even when Optimus Prime is about to die in probably in one of most anti-climactic ways its still epic. Although them being robot who need shelter you think they’d just make some shelter instead of just freezing..
    For faults I found Bulkhead constant screaming when he though there we Scapplets near bye too much. Bumblebee just stood around looking scared and there was no Fowler this episode.

    Will conservatives like this?
Depends on how you feel about toy promotion and destroying pests.