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Wow wee wow wow. O,O This episode was amazing. So amazing that I forgave it for its minor flaws.

The episode begin with Jack, Bulhead, Arcee and Miko at rock site near a cave searching for things out of the norm. Like always Miko recklessly head strong and ignorant runs in. The group follows disgruntled by her actions except for maybe Jack. By the time they are all well into the cave both Megatron and Starscream show up things now get interesting. A scared and panicked Starsceam questions Megatrons intentions ( must have been watchin the god father) but follows anyway. Our heroes separate for some reason unknown and cannot communicate with each other. They Also stumble upon the remains of mining equipment left by decepticons. Megatron mean while confronts Starscream on his treachery. He even tells Starscream that he was entertained by him and has now gotten tired of Starscreams games. So Megatron decides to kill Starscream but is interrupted by a wondering Jack and Arcee. A lot of shooting starts which collapses the cave tunnel leaving them all trapped under ground. Now even more separated Jack wonder trying to find Arcee while we learn Bulkhead is stuck holding the roof from collapsing on both him and Miko. Starscream escapes only to realize that in order to live he has to save Megatron to prove his worth. Meanwhile Jack discovers a drill and Miko begin to realize weight of the situation at hand. Then we get two cool scenes of Jack and Megatron and of Miko and Bulkhead being found by StarScream instead of Arcee. Jack saves them with the drill and Arcee finally arrives to make Starscream hold the roof up. Our heroes leave regretting not ending the lives of the Decepticons and the Fate of Starscream in the hands of a scary Megatron.


Lets start with Miko this a\was a episode that won her some seriously needed points in my corner. I always knew the day would come to were she would have to face the reproductions of her brash and illogical actions ,but man I never thought it would be this entertaining. The animators did a good job making sure Miko displayed some new sides to her character. The scene were Miko had to leave Bulkhead was truly a great highlight to this fantastic episode. I can officially say that viewers learned what character development was that day. To see Miko worried, scared, despaired, panicked and most of all sad showed me that maybe this character does deserve some place in my heart. Mean while Jack had a truly harrowing moment with Megatron. There conversation downright was fantastic and put in front of Jack a moral choice. The scene were Jack first discovers Megatron and looks down the hellish hole at Megatron reminded me of Satan for a moment. Literally having a conversation with the devil himself.
Megatron this episode earned my total respect. He also creep me out especially at the end were he hauntingly stares at Starscream who begging for mercy. Man such ruthless cold unwavering eyes.
Starscream here was great the way they made him switch from pathetic to threatening then to pathetic had me all giddy inside. This version of Starscream not like previous incarnations were they have brilliant plans and a very clever disposition. This version has its moments were he’s threatening, ego centric, ruthless, weak and all at the same time still remain pathetic in comparison to Megatron. How ever it is important to show why Megatron is the big bad of this series and Starscream is the ultimate co signer whether willing or not. Megatron might be crazy but he’s tough and has no real need to rely on others to fight his battles with Optimus Prime….in a since there’s a quaint honor that he displays at times that makes him a little more interesting. Although the fate of Starscream is anyone’s guess.9.0

Will conservatives like this?
Yes they will.