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In this special episode of transformers Jack mans up.
Ho ho this episode was awesome. I mean wow this was amazing. Yeah Jack was annoying at the beginning but by the end I understood his motives for why he did what he did. Dear people I will have to come back and complete this later within the day.


The episode begins with a ship coming out of what is presumably a hyper gate and crash landing on earth. In a foggy forest in some unnamed region probably in the United States. Jack and Arcee are on a non-lethal mission to check out some readings (really?). When the see the broken trees as well as the high readings it become clear that this is no simple mission. Then becomes dangerous when Arcee recognizes the crashed ship. A violent flash back comes to her and she almost has a panic attack because of it. She begins to wonder around digging for clues to prove here theory wrong but instead receives another more aggressive horrifying flash back of a Decepticon. Fearing immediately for Jacks safety against this familiar Decepticon threat she carries him off to safety. Though Jack like any other kid on this show except Raff maybe try to find a way to disobey the rules to stay put.

Arcee then runs off scared out of mind trying to find the threat. For a moment she stops to look around and her optics wonder onto a stump with corrosive acid eating through it. This triggers another flash back which show a cocky Arcee on Cybertron before the fall talking to Tailgate through her radio comm. She is then capture by the spider like decepticon with webbing. We are then fully introduced to Female Fatal Airachnid. After some sensual but creepy words she scrapes Arcee on the face with acid nails which leads us out of the flashback. To get even more into predator mode we are shown Airachnid her praying on her first victim. Arcee like any good hero interferes just in time and the two tumble down the hill. Arcee is slammed into a rock formation and Airachnid hit’s the ground ground hard. Afterwords the two exchange words and Airachid fills Arcee in on her new hobby. Collecting the heads of endangered species mostly the ones she makes endangered. Proof of what we then see what Arcee saw inside the spaceship. Airachinid now plans to collect humans. They fight and Arcee is then up webbed again. Jack then comes running out of the background. They argue, jack accuses her of being afraid and another flashback is triggered. This one shows the murder of Tailgate at the hands of Airachnid. A brief confession is made made by Arcee of being afriad followed up by her telling jack why the Decepticon is on earth. Jack runs and Airachinid taunts Arcee then goes after Jack. Arcee in horror screams.

Jack runs thought forest trying to avoid and get away from the crazy Decepticon. Arcee is trying to get out of the webbing in full panic mode scream in frustration which you guessed it brings on another flashback. This one however shows her being rescued by Cliffjunper. and Bumblebee after the murder. Arcee come to the revelation to stop looking back and drive on. Jack holds his own by lighting the energon fluid leaking from ship and blowing up Airachnid with it. Arcee escapes finds Jack wards off Airachnid who survives the explosion. The Decepticon escapes and Arcee then apologizes to Jack that he had to see her demons.


Loved Gina Torres she always does amazing voice work. This character Airachnid was beautifully introduced in predator style. I’ll even come to admit she was creepin me out. Those flashback bits really set the mood of the story. Often it's suppose to be the beginning but here for me it was the flashbacks. The best one was the murder of Tailgate. I like the fact that it had a solid noir splash of energon that parodied the look of blood. Thinking about it now its a pretty dark episode. A lot of hunting killing and demons coming out of the closet in this one.
Anyone over the age of 15 could tell this was a throw back to Predator with a hint taste Limbo that didn't take away from the story itself but rather added to the stories sense direction. the limbo-esque scenes worked well with Jack and Airachnid. Having them both in moments in dark silhouette would have been great see.
Jack himself almost got on my nerves at the beginning. Even-though I will say he pulled through and figured out a way to hold his own that makes him a little less excess in my eyes and more relevant. Arcee was cool this episode to to see actual shock in her eyes brang some dimension to character her. The fear of losing your friends and comrades is always a great one.
Airachnid is a character I hope to see again soon. She's a straight up counter part from her Beast wars counter part Blackarachnia who played both Decepticon and Autobot. Her character was more confused and struggled with morality. Airachnid knows were she stands and has no qualms about murder at all.
Were also given another fantastic glimpse of cybertron before the fall which always makes me happy. And hey look its Cliffjumper.
Will conservitives like this?
Its a little dark but I see no problem..... Well depends on how you feel about poaching and hunting. The decepticon likes to hunt animals and beings. We like to hunt animals as well so........