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This literally is one of my favorite episode.


So we enter upon a desolate island city with a erupted volcano. Bulkhead and Breakdown are scrapping over a source of energon deposits. Hear you get some good trash talk while also great shots. Bulkhead gets beaten by Breakdown while Breakdown get took in out by are old enemies M.E.C.H who is led by Silas. They then hall Breakdown off since he won. When confronted about what happened by the rest of the Autobots he admits to the fact he lost and doesn’t know what happened to Breakdown. When he thought the other Autobots took him down.
On the opposite side or Decepticons Battleship Megatron refuses to go get Breakdown because he was capture by humans to which Starscream grudgingly disagrees. Silas plans on taking him apart like true mad scientists. The Autobot and Fowler quickly decipher this out quickly.
Optimus and the other Autobots go to save Breakdown while Miko chides Bulkhead on villainy and hero relationships. So Bulkhead goes and try to find Breakdown.
Eventually the Autobots find Breakdowns eye sitting on a fountain waiting for them. We soon find out Silas has set up a two way feed so he and Optimus can talk at safe distance (But more so Silas was expecting Megatron rather than Autobots). After exchanging words Silas makes some weak pun or something. Its revealed right after that the whole time while they’ve been talking Silas a bombs been ticking which is a little cliche for my taste. Never the less the Autobots roll out just in time to avoid the explosion.
But this doesn’t help Silas because soon Bulkheads done found and smashed in their secret bunker. After which Breakdown is freed and does the common sense thing to team up with Bulkhead. The two enemies team up to fight a common foe but find themselves surprisingly over whelmed by M.E.C.H forces. Just at the point of Bulkhead and Breakdowns defeat Silas pulls out see that the guessing Autobots are come to help. In a true turn of twisted events as soon as Silas is gone it turn out its Decepticon forces. But its not headed by Megatron its headed by Starscream(schemers). Breakdown now faced with a crushing decision to ether refuse to fight Bulkhead or to fight him. At first there is a uncertain hesitation but, then Breakdown chooses to fight Bulkhead and loses. The Autobot then arrive and the Decepticons clear out. As they do Starscream tells Breakdown that he owes him when it comes time to choose sides. Breakdown question when it comes between choosing Autobots or Decepticon. Starscream correct him and says when come between Megatron and Starscream(schemers). The episode finishes with Silas talking about his plans of using the information to form a Project Chimera.


I really liked this episode. It’s a seeders episode. First I would like to talk about Bulkhead and how they’ve now cemented this character a arch enemy who I can be sympathetic to. Yes Breakdowns a coward for choosing to go back to normal but at the same time does he have the choice. Back when BeastWars was airing there was a certain spark and way people were born that decided if you were bot or con good or evil. One of the characters had a problem with this his name was Dinobot. To me it gives question over how much control they really have when it comes to making these decision it like a converting to another religion. But as Optimus says every Decepiticon has the power to chose good over evil. Its just a matter of what it takes.
M.E.C.H is back and more fearsome than ever as they take the eye of Breakdown. Silas seemed to weave between clichés with standard villain traps and plans. I'm just waiting for the to elevate his character to something…more. I want something to bite on when his story is explained. I relies this is a kids show but its story telling feels so ambitious and its almost at time like there is something holding it back from that level. They are doing everything that constitutes it being on that level but just haven’t given it a full push. Not that they’ve been slacking in story because this was good.
Starsceam has immediately gone back to scheming which adds a new dynamic to this series and Fowler has become lazy making him almost dead weight or just captain exposition. But at the end of the day I am counting down the days till the next ep. 8.9
Will conservatives like this?