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“I hate talking to machines”
Man what a week. I think I’ve finally got that Gundam Wing and College finals don’t mix. Officially I only had the pleasure of sleep for only 2-3 hours a day this week. Ok enough of that lets get to this fantastic episode. To say I was really thrilled with the character of Bulkhead he’s really caught my attention and respect. This weeks episode is the first time that I had actually question a robot sexuality. I mean if they have girl and man robots is it possible to have a gay robots.

    The episode begins with Miko in detention.  Bulkhead pulls up beside the school listening to his music and Miko naturally decides to get in and leave with Bulkhead. As Bulkhead and Miko are on their way to HQ they talk about education. This conversation soon spills into HQ. Ratchet gets a energon pulse in Greece thus, Bulkhead sees it as a education experience for Miko. Mean while at the  Legion of Doom Starscream talks to his er…interesting friend Knockout about Megatron. The scene then switches to Bulkhead and Miko in Greece. Miko gets mad at Bulkhead for tricking her into learning something(really). Back at the Starscream ship Starscream and flaming(get it) Knockout talk about Megatron some more. He then asks were is Breakdown to which Knockout replys they were following a hot trail of energon on earth and he went on ahead. At this point Miko and Bulkhead are attack by Breakdown. But not before bulkhead sees a energon harvester in the ancient painting. Breakdown leaves and Optimus confirms at HQ that it is a energon harvester.
    Worried the Autobots make plans to go steal the energon harvester with the help from the kids at the museum. Starscream over hears this through Soundwave then makes plans of his own. The kids sneak into the museum as the Autobots watch the area for enemies. True enough they are attacked Optimus is downed, Miko gets caught by the museum security officer and the Decepticons get the harvester.
    Bulkhead freaks out over Miko getting caught and wants to get her but, Optimus declines. Like a great leader Optimus tells him to stay at HQ while they search for Starscream and like any great hero Bulkhead disobeys orders. He goes back to Greece because he figured Starscream would go for some easy energon. Starscream proves Bulkhead right and a epic battle begin which I care not to describe. Bulkhead defeats all three Decepticon but, goes down because of the Harvester was used on him. Just as both Breakdown and Knockout are about to attack him the other Autobots come to his rescue and they flee. Fowler like a good old fashion Deus Ex Machine gets Miko out of trouble and they live happily ever after the end.


    Alright  Bulkhead is now my send favorite robot character. First it’s Optimus(naturally) second, is bulkhead  and then is Arcee. This was the best episode so far. Though Miko was still annoying per usual this episode she served as more of a device than as a real character for Bulkhead as a character to develop off of. Bulkhead reminds me of a lower blue collar worker, like those towns people in October Sky. Its as if he was born into the role of a mine worker and wasn‘t told about a greater education. Everything from his nuances in his movements to character choices reeks of his educational and job history. Deep down I can tell on some level he regrets it. When he screws up its usually because of his past action and choices that has been imbedded into him as a robot and he knows that. That’s why he wants Miko like any self respecting parent to go to college. Out of all the robots he seems to be the more conscious  about what his fellow companion sees in all the violence which really impresses me as a viewer. In the animated series he was never this insecure or angry at himself over his own intelligence. Man I feel bad for him. One of the things that I’m hoping to see is him becoming more resistant to bringing Miko any where since she wants to be more like him. I also really want Miko as a character to develop and broaden her one track mind.
    As for this weeks villains is it possible to have gay robot or metrosexuals. Maybe I read Knockouts character  wrong. But, when Starscream said “ …Oh you’re one of those robots…” even if he was taking about his choice in vehicle mode and his comment on how Optimus’s in vehicle mode looked raised some serious question.  Generally I have no problem with gay people  although this was interesting. The other villain of this week was Breakdown (which is a awesome name) I can only assume this might be Knockouts life partner. Either way these two were really cool to see on screen and was a change of pace from the usual flight Decepticon. I like their double team……or uh team work on fighting the autobots. Knockouts reaction to Starscream killing a fellow Decepticon with the harvester was funny. That reminds me man Starscream is mean person why does anyone follow him he’s just going to kill his own? Also if he’s willing to kill his own why does he care about there vote? Why did he let them vote any ways? So I surmise this means the crew far from wants Starscream as a leader. And you know what I don’t blame them.
    On another note the best line in this episode was Ratchets ‘I hate talking to machines”. Fowler showed up like a true Dues Ex Machine to save the day and so did the Autobots. I also notice that they give Miko more detailed movements than they do other character. Also the Harvester was use well here even though its from Transformers: 2 which I hated to the core. I also wish they would get a bigger budget for this show. 

One thing I don't like about this episode is that Miko gets no reparations for her actions.


Will conservatives like this?

No and yes. No for the questionable robots yes for everything else.