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Another great episode not as good as the last but its….good.

So the episode begins with the villains M.E.C.H tracking a Bot distress signal. They in basic M.E.C.H want to take in the Bot alive but soon come to find out they’ve been duped by Spiderman’s girlfriend Airachnid. But luck for Silas, Airachnid has a score to settle with Arcee and Jack. So a deal is struck between the two that M.E.C.H gets Arcee to study after Arachnid plays with her and she gets Jack to herself. Speaking of Jack he’s now in trouble with his mom (and assuming single parent) because he’s been slaking off in at school and work because of his extracurricular activities. So his mom grounds him by telling Jack that his motorcycle (Arcee) must remain in the garage and he must immediately back home from work and school everyday. His mom as of yet doesn’t know about the whole Transformers thing. So Jack and Arcee try but Arcee does have a life so they fail. Mom gets pissed. Jack tries to explain that his motor cycles a robot and fails. We then role over Silas and Airachnid beating evil. Silas then finds through Airachnids black box(really they could have called it something more interesting like Memory Safe or something) what Jack looks like and where he lives. As soon this is over they kidnap his mother to use her as bait to get both Arcee and Jack. Arcee tries to contact HQ but cant due to some brain scrambler thing.

Jack and Arcee meet up with M.E.C.H only to find Airachnid is behind the schemes. This is were things get dire Arcee is captured and Airchnid plays a dark game of rescue the citizen with Jack. Jack pease for Silas’s help but he refuses and Jack goes to try to find his mom before his time is up and Airachnid kills them both. Playing it hell of smart Silas take no chances with Airachnids agreement and orders his men to take out Arcees heart before Airachnid gets back. After some creepy moment Jack find his mother but, failed because he didn’t save her. Being a true pun wielding and grandstanding villainess Airachnid begins to monologue. Arcee escapes from the webs of M. E.C.H and takes down Airachnid before she gets up again and is then showered in blast by helicopters which Fowler is leading. Airachnid then transforms and flies off as a helicopter after scanning Fowlers. After witnessing what happens Silas now knows how they transform. Then Jack takes his mom to Autobot Headquarters to see the rest of the team.


This was a good story a lot of plot being moved as well mom character development .It seems Jack only has one parent and his mom is also a nurse. It does make me wonder if they are going to explore this. It also makes me wonder why didn’t they choose a male robot to be Jacks guardian not that there is any wrong with female bots. Its just they could have done sort of a father and son overtone in the series. But then this isn’t Toy Story is it? Also the relationship between Arcee and Jack is well…..strange. It feels sort of well shippy you know. It does not feel like Jack and Liz 30 Rock relationship. Although I definitely give the writers credit for trying because it is not easy establishing this kind of relationship. It just needs to be cemented or affirmed that Arcee is like a big sister and Jack a little brother or son to Arcee. They can’t do it as if Arcee is like Jacks mother because, Jack already has a mom. I don’t know maybe it should be a master and student relationship. I also find it a little strange that Jack can just order Arcee around with little complaints. I mean she is a sentient robot who’s been around for like forever show some damn respect already.

Silas and Airachnid our main villains in this ep were the usual pun good. Airachnid continued to be very creepy using not violence but silhouette imagery. Her fight scene with Arcee was really well made. Hey maybe Bay can take some tips on how to make simple yet effective fight scenes from this show instead of that last 30 mins cluster-cuss of a action sequences at the end of Transformer 3. Heck maybe he should watch this whole series and go back to G1 and Beast Wars to actually learn who these characters are before making the film completely but, I digress. Silas himself was effectively cold and brutal without ever having to display such acts on screen. I really am interested in his background and hope this story involving project Chimera turns us on our heads. 7.5 out of 10

Will conservatives like it?
Yeah, why not?