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“PRIME!!!”  Dynamic nuclear generating system
What a week huh…well at least for me. I’m pretty much swamped in work. I’ve got to study for finals, argue with teachers over grades, essays and ect. It’s nice to just sit down and watch a good old Bot brawl. This week episodes was very entertaining. So I guess this mean the Transformers are in secret. It’s nice to see the Autobots fighting somebody else besides other robots. So lets get to the recap shall we. Note: Hoping to make this as short as possible without exempting anything crucial, its apart of my new chore list.


     The episode begins with delightful scene of  Fowler yelling at the Autobots more so Optimus because, of his current predicament that he’s in.  Fowler begins to information on how the Decepticons attacked him and try to go for the D.N.G.S (Dynamic nuclear generating system) or how Fowler pronounces it DINGUS. Ratchet  gets snarky on why would Decepticons want such a primitive device and Fowler quickly return on how the primitive device can blow up five states. After the quick banter Fowler then ask if he put the weapon through the Ground Bridge. Covering up what would have been a huge plot hole Optimus replies that he can’t because, the radiation could cause a explosion that would destroy 50 states topping Fowlers five. But, Optimus instead offers his assistants.

     Soooo…. We begin the second act with the with Optimus Prime and the gang traveling with the weapon of mass destruction . In vehicle mode on the forest cliff roads. Optimus has his classic trailer on, with the D.N.G.S  in it. Little behold their being followed by Decepticons to which they all notice the ones who shot Fowler down. Ratchet however says that they don’t come  up on the radar. The cars and helicopter begin to move in on the Autobots. It is soon revealed that these are not Decepticons these are humans. Now the game becomes more interesting. The leader reveals himself as Silas who is the leader of a group called MECHA. Fowler and Silas begin to exchange some banter while the Autobots duke it out with human. All the while staying in vehicle mode and fighting to disarm not fight full on. Eventually Silas’s team pulls back for half time.  This induces Fowler to start gloating about his victory and Optimus naturally impedes on Fowler celebration to warn him about his over confidence. By this time Starscream has heard of  what going on through  Soundwave. Starscream like any great villain takes this chance to destroy the Autobots.

    Autobots soon see there destination a train tunnel and on train tracks and go in the tunnel. Silas spies them above as the Autobots come out of the tunnel but, are attacked by the Decepticons. The trailer is shot at by Decpticons and blows up . Silas’s right hand man is amazed there was no reaction on the weapons part , Silas has a idea were the weapon is but, seems more interested in what is transpiring between the two factions. As the fight goes on, Optimus as a last resort commands his team go into full kick-ass mode. This unbridled awesomeness nearly breaks Silas’s scared face apart. A stand off between Bots happens and they fight. Silas’s right hand man asks about the D.N.G.S and Silas condescendingly ask over radio Fowler about were the device is. A flash back vision occurs where we see that in the train tunnel the Autobots had put the D.N.G.S  in the train beside them before they came out of the tunnel and were attacked as they drove off.  Fowler realizes that Silas has figured out were the weapon is and that Optimus has just been knock out. The kid for some reason try to help by using the land bridge to get on the train but, it only make matters worse. Optimus wake up to save the kids and weapon from Silas. Silas aborts but, not before acting like a sore loser by, blowing out the train tracts.  The train gets stopped spider-man style . Some ominous words are said by both Optimus and Silas. The end.

    Fowler is back!!!  I don’t know one man who can where a suit while piloting a jet especially without a oxygen mask. I mean how doe he breath in the stratosphere without a mask but, hey that Fowler.
    My favorite scenes was when the Autobots were in form and fighting humans. This was a great change in pace combat wise. I got to see how they would hand le a human threat without revealing themselves. The scenes it self reminded me of Fast and the Furious were they were robbing trucks. I also like seeing  Fowler in action and about to do some Jack Bauer interrogation.  Another favorite scene of mine was conversation between Optimus and Fowler. Fowler had made uptight comment about the Bots bringing their fight to earth. Cleverly Optimus replies’ how he acts like there wasn’t evil already on our world. Silas also had some great moments the way he talked was calm and confidant emphasis on calm compared to Fowlers loud animated voice
    My least favorite scenes where the ones with Miko. She really got on my nerves. Her dialog and action s only seem to hinder this show tone. The scene where she’s in the train was truly a moment were there could have been some major much needed character development. This would have been great for her to recognize that her recklessness will kill somebody. She needs a a moment were she can have a envisage were a character could be dead because of her. Fowlers almost throw up scene were very irritating…I mean if you can get out a  truck and edge along it while its moving you don’t have the right to have motion sickness.
    Something I am happy about is that we get to see some new humans. Something I’ve been toiling over for a while is whether there would be more humans. Granted  when I saw the preview for this episode I was a little scared they would mess it up and add someone as lame as Miko.
Oh yeah on an important note that we do get this episode is Megatron’s ideology that led to the destruction of Cybertron . This was a fascinating bit of information on that particular character.  
    Starscream’s Bot and attack felt like a excuse by the writers to justify the Autobot to reveal  themselves.

    Lastly I guess the guy who voice Lex Luthor now voice Silas . Oh yeah I like Rath he's cool. D.I.N.G.U.S really were not talking to five year olds.

Will Conservitive Like this?

Well the army is transporting a weapon of mass destruction Hmmmm.... I have no idea. No since I guess that what were suppose to be stopping WoM's.