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Update: I got the name of one of the charaters wrong sorry.


Rocket Lag
    What a week huh? This weeks episode Decepticons earn their name. Word of advise to anyone reading this, don’t watch Gundam Wing if your in college especially in finals week. So far I’ve only slept  for only 2 hours a day. Yes it’s that addictive. Transformers: Prime is steadily heading towards that point with episodes like this. While it may not have been  revolutionary it definitely was entertaining.  This weeks spotlight again was on Bulkhead. But, before I get into the observations lets get into the recap.


    It starts with Miko and Bulkhead getting done with chores. Both make light conversation about taking a dune bashing to which Bulkhead doesn‘t want to do. The Autobots get a incoming transmission beacon from another Autobot in space. One of the Autobots Arcee worries it might be a false beacon.  Optimus Prime asks the AutoBot to identify itself to which the Autobot responds following Bulkhead immediately recognizes the voices a fellow war buddy named Wheeljack. Just to be sure Optimus asks Bulkhead does recognize the voice since he only know Wheeljack by stories.  Bulkhead overly confirms it is Wheeljack and the Optimus Prime gives Wheel Jack a rendezvous coordinate in which they’ll meet him. But, surprise, surprise Starscream listing to their conversation through Soundwave has plans of his own. Thus we get to meet a new Decepticon called  Makeshift dun dun dun.
    The celebrating is soon cut short when the Autobots find out that Wheeljack ship is under fire by the opposing wretched Decepticons. His ship soon goes down and fighting ensues.  Before the Autobot can arrive to help, a obvious switch has been made with Wheeljack and replace him with Makeshift who’s been shape-shifted into WheelJacks likeness or image.  Buckhead happily greets the False wheeljack with a huge and the go into HQ. Mean while the real Wheeljack is being held within the clutches of the Decepticon warship by Starscream. At this point Starscream does a classic villain move and starts monologue about his plans to get Makeshift to open the AutoBots land bridge so he can invade HQ with his strikeforce.  Meanwhile back at HQ the Makeshift posing as a false Wheeljack tries to find away to open the bridge but, is informed by Ratchet that the land bridge won’t be prepared for a little while since it‘s being defragged (note Optimus Prime is not in HQ for all of this since Primes don‘t celebrate). By this time Starscream is worried about what is taking Makeshift so long.
     Back at HQ the Autobots and children are listening to Bulkhead tell war stories and the false Wheeljack is getting irritated that his mission is gaining no traction to open the land bridge. Bulkhead asks him to tell the story of  Dark Mount Pass but,  the false Wheeljack rejects his question and ask if Miko can show him around.  They go off , leaving Bulkhead sensing something amiss and questioning the false Wheeljacks actions.  Simultaneously the real Wheeljack makes his escape from the holding cell.
    After a very creepy scene Miko and the false Wheeljack go back to the party but, this time the jig is up. Bulkhead demands that Makeshift posing as Wheeljack tell him the story of  Dark Mountain Pass. At first the fake Wheeljack hesitates, then goes on to tell the story of Wheeljack and Bulkhead in great (and convincing) detail. However, this story only confirms Bulkheads suspicions. Bulkhead then states that he was never there ,Makeshift panics and grabs Miko threatening to kill her by squeezing her to death. He commands Ratchet to open the land bridge. At that moment Starstream is waiting with his strikeforce on top of the battleship but, is met by the real WheelJack and more fighting ensues. The real Wheeljack jumps through the land bridge and takes down the fake Wheeljack with Miko landing safely in Bulkhead hands. The real and fake Wheeljack face off. The real one wins and the fake gets thrown through the land bridge to the other side were Starscream is.  Before Makeshift can tell were the Autobot base is located he blow up due to his grenade being set off a classic real Wheeljack move. Afterwards Wheeljack leaves because of his ship is repaired and because Wheeljack doesn’t do domestication. Leaving the again with only five members Autobots .


Wow! That’s a lot I’ve got to start cutting these recaps down. Anyways something I’ve notice is the eyes of each bot there so different. The continuity is used greatly here with the Scrapplets hopefully this is something that will continue to play greatly into later stories. One of my favorite  moments is between the real Wheeljack and Starscream. When Starscream was about to slap the energon out of Wheeljack it only reminded me of how nasty Starscream can  be. The fact that Starscream is willing to have his men sacrificed by impalement shows he really wants to kill the Autobots. Also The energon trickling from Starscreams mouth was a great comparison of blood for the bots we see on screen  battling it out and reminded me that they are venerable. I also found the whole scene between Makeshift and Nikko creepy. The shadowing of light and venerability displayed freaked me out for a moment. I mean these are robots who have no problem impaling, ripping off and killing each other to survive.
    We do get some knowledge about  Cybertron and how it’s gone dark. I can only assume this means that it’s ether it’s gone or the planets dead. Also we learn that every bots has scattered thought the galaxy. It also seems Primes are to cool or disciplined to party bummer.
    It’s cool we get to see some new bots hopefully they’ll stick around longer than one episode. I mean in Beast Wars both sides after some period of time got new team members who stayed. These characters helped expand the scope of the show and deepen its mythology that it was building. Now I realize that they only did this because, Hasbro only wanted to sell new toys but, it was always exiting to see some new bots come up. It gave previous characters something new to play off of.
    Bulkhead so far is becoming one of my top three bots. His character is just so…fun to see on screen. Wheeljack on the other hand came of as if he crawled out of a cheesy B action movie. There wasn’t a moment were he wasn’t vomiting out one liners, thankfully his presents didn’t bring down the episode for me. Although for Makeshift I wanted to see more of him as himself. Miko started to annoy me with he ignorance.  Although it does show she seemed to know a decent amount about bot physiology given her “ ….I’ll  have rip out your spark chamber line.”. Again no Fowler this episode ,but from the next episode previews I guess well be seeing him. Oh yeah Lobbing is one of the most boring games I've ever seen. The minus well be throwing around a football or something. All in all this was a entertaining episode.
    Will Conservative like this?
It might be a little intense for kids ho are under 8. But I think it’s good to go. If you don’t mind the boyfriend comment Arcee makes to Bulkhead about Wheeljack.