EPISODE REVIEW: Transformers Prime: “Masters and Students” (Episode 6)

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Megatron is dead, Starscream attempts to consolidate his control over the Decepticon forces on earth. No one has a great deal of faith in him, so he decides to revive one of the guardians Megatron squirreled away on earth in stasis millennia ago. He thaws out “Skyquake,” which isn’t a song by Dead or Alive, but it really sounds like it should be. Skyquake immediately beats up Starscream and gets in a fight with Optimus and Bumblebee, gets killed, dies, and is given a cheap funeral.

Meanwhile, Soundwave has found evidence that Megatron is not dead, and though Starscream doesn’t care, he’s sort of maneuvered into checking it out. He finds Megatron effectively kept alive by a hunk of Dark Energon tht got rammed into him when the big hyperspace bypass thingie exploded. Starscream pulls it out, and Megatron apparently dies, or lapses into a coma before the two of them are discovered by Soundwave. Starscream has Megatron put in stasis to “Recover.”

Meanwhile, in the completely irrelevant, superfluous, bolted on subplot, the kids are making science fair projects. Ratchet gets involved, takes over the projects, builds bizarre crap, and they all fail.

The End.


Soundwave is loyal to Megatron, and doesn’t entirely trust Starscream. Megatron hid a bunch of Energon on earth in ages past, and hid guards to protect it. The guards were all asleep, however, so really it’s not much of a plan.

There's some interesting but futile bits with Optimus attempting to talk to Skyquake and Starscream. Effectively he says, "Look, your boss is dead, there's no need for us to continue fighting." But of course the bad guys will have none of that.

Here’s the thing: I have absolutely no intention of covering this show. I’ve never cared for the Transformers (I’m ore of a Robotech kinda’ guy), and I find the whole thing rather tedious to watch. I reviewed it tonight because it was the premier of the actual series-proper. If you’re reading this, then that means you probably kinda’ like Transformers, right?

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Who cares? Oh, no wait…Uhm…er…Sure. One of the cars is an American sports car. That’s….uhm…yeah.