EPISODE REVIEW: Transformers Prime: “Darkness Rising, Part 5” (Episode 5)



It starts out with what we assume to be Megatron throwing his big piece of dark energon through the space bridge to palnet cyber Ron and reviving the dead. Turns out, no, It’s just Obtimus saying what could happen. After this teaser, RC talks Jack into coming back to Team Prime. Most of the Autobots head over to Megatron’s shiny new space bridge to try and disable it. Jack, Raf, and Miko bridge to this satelite thing in Texas, which the Decepticons are using to locate Cybertron.

Raf is re-aiming the space bridge with the satellites, annoying Megatron to a great extent, and putting Starscream’s life further on the line. Raff downloads the schematics for the space bridge to try and help, but unbeknownst to them, Soundwave is just on the other side of the wall, so he sends out some sort of tentacle thing to get rid of them. Miko goes after the tentacle, but basically hands Soundwave an axe. Soundwave locks in the coordinates, cuts off the repositioning line, and the bridge starts to open.

Megatron sends through his hunk of dark energon, reviving Cybertron. The Humans head back to base, and give ratchet the plans. He tells the Bots how to set the bridge to selfdestruct. Optimus and Megatron are fighting on the rim of the space bridge, and we see this really cool shot of the undead army on the other side of the bridge. RC causes the bridge to go kablooey, Optimus and the other autobots manage to get home. Apparently Megatron dies in the explosion, and that’s basically it for the miniseries.

Scarscream declares himself leader of the Decepticons.


I think Megatron will come back.

I liked the miniseries, but really only the first two episodes were great. The remaining three seemed like padding.

The whole Jack leaving/coming back thing - that seemed pretty useless.

The whole scene on the space bridge - it seems to me like that should have been cooler. The action was hard to follow, it was choppy.

I look forward to the series, but I am not going to review it. It’s too much work.