EPISODE REVIEW: Transformers Prime: “Darkness Rising, Part 4” (Episode 4)


The episode starts out with Optimus and Ratchet going up against an army of undead cybertronians. They fight for a while, Ratchett points out that ‘how can they kill an undead army?’ Ratchet chops off the arm of one of them, discovers there’s no dark energon in them anymore. He tells Optimus to chop them into little bits, and Optimus agrees.

Meanwhile, over at Megatron’s ship, Bulkhead goes in, beats a few Decepticons, and discovers that Miko has been inside of him for some time. Everone meets up inside the ship and after some higgledy piggeldy breaks loose, they free Fowler. Raff finds a big plan for something, he’s not sure what. While the Bots are away, a Decepticon drone comes in and notices the kids. They hide, Jack tells Miko to take a picture, so she snaps one of the decepticon’s legs. “No, not that, the plans!” “Oh.”

They get rescued, head over to HQ. They get into a big argument, and ultimately Jack quits. Then at Jacks’ home, Miko visits and gives this long, incredibly tedious speech about how she had a great life back home, but she really didn’t like it, so she went over to the ‘States the first chance she got.

The plans turn out to be blueprints for a space bridge. Bulkhead is wondering why. He thinks Megatron is leaving. Ratchet points out that the bridges are two-way, and they think for Megatron to get his army he has to visit Cybertron. He’ll revive a massive army of millions of zombies.


At the beginning, Megatron was glowing purple, whereas last time we saw him just his emblem was glowing. After the battle, he’s not glowing anymore.

Being close to Dark Energon weakens the Autobot’s own Energon.

Megatron has gone full-out insane.

Fowler suddenly becomes hysterically funny after the Decepticons have tortured him. “Is it cookie time?”

It was interesting how Raff was acting when Miko and Jack were fighting, almost like his parents fight a lot, and it scares him. He elects not to leave the Autobots when Jack does.

Miko insists that Jack is really a hero, but he keeps trying to back away from those kinds of qualities.