EPISODE REVIEW: Transformers Prime: “Darkness Rising, Part 2” (Episode 2)


Republiboy, age 12, continues his coverage of the new Transformers miniseries.


The second episode starts out with Starscream trying to take control from Megatron. Megatron has a weapon he’s trying to use to destroy the Autobots. He calls it “Dark Energon,” which can apparently bring back the dead, although in a barbaric form that’s only job is to destroy. A “Zombie Gun,” basically. He uses it on a fallen Autobot by the name of “Cliffjumper,” (He was captured and killed in the previous episode) Since he attacks him, Megatron just throws Cliffjumper in a big pit. Later in the episode, the Autobots invade the decepticon energon jine. They picked up Cliffjumper’s life readings temporarily. Oh, I forgot to mention: Earlier in the episode Megatron wanted to kill Starscream and test the dark energon on him.

Well, the Autobots get into the mine, they defeat several grunts (All of them look the same, by the way) and one of them, by the name of RC, discovers Cliff down where he is. She jumps down trying to rescue him, but Cliffjumper attacks her. She is forced to - as far as I can tell - kill Cliffjumper, and go back to the Autobots. Megatron orders the Decepticons to retreat. Starscream the Autobots will obtain all the energon he’s mined, and Megatron’s response is “Then blow the mine.”

The Autobots manage to escape. At their base, they discover that RC has like a glowing scratch on her leg caused by cliff jumper. Another Autobot - Ratchet - notices the screatch and tells her to basically go into their sanitizing chamber. He scrapes off a sample of the goo, checks it out, and he doesn’t know of anything like it. We cut to the Decepticons, and as far as I can tell, Megatron eats a piece of Dark Energon to see what it’ll do.

Back at the Autobot’s base, Ratchet drops a drop of this goo, which ends up on like a mechanical robot claw destroyed in the previous episode, and it comes to life.


Megatron refers to the Dark Energon as “The Blood of Unicron.” Unicron is a big robot the size of the moon or Pluto. He actually disguises himself as one, depending on which version of the Transformers you’re watching. Unicron is basically the ancient ruler of the Decepticons.

The humans are surprised to learn that the Autobots have emotions and can die.


There’s no reason I can think of that they wouldn’t.