EPISODE REVIEW: Transformers Prime: “Darkness Rising, Part 1” (Episode 1)


The new “Transformers” series starts out this week with the very 80s strategy of a five-part miniseries. This is one of those franchises we generally tend to ignore (Yet inexplicably we generally fall all over ourselves for GI Joe), but Republiboy (Age 12) has stepped forward to cover the series for us.


The first episode was basically how the humans discovered the Transformers. Some of the Transformers explained these things to them, and at the end Megatron appears. They introduced the characters. They did not explain the events that led up to the start of this series. We’re just assumed to know the history that leads up to this. It might be a continuation of the movies, or it could be a completely stand-alone thing like Transformers Animated a couple years back.

It is basically Autobots battling against Starscream and some of his grunts, going after energon, which is basically the batteries Autobots and Decepticons use.


The Transformers have been on earth for a while. They are living in some sort of big rock formation. They haven’t explained quite where they are, though. Although they do have a big teleported-like thing in their base, they’re forced to rely mainly on human tech.

The Decpticons seem to be in charge of the game at this point. They have the majority of the Energon, and unlike the Autobots, there are hundreds of them. There are only five remaining Autobots at this point.

Bumblebee is incapable of speaking human.


I can’t think of anything they wouldn’t like.