EPISODE REVIEW: Torchwood Miracle Day: "The Middle Men" (Season 4, episode 6)

Charles H
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Torchwood starts to fight back.

The news is discussing the “45Club.” The “45 Club” are people who leap off a the 45th floor of a building. That huge decent is the only way they can assure becoming unconscious and technically death.

Secretary Janet Tanner brings some files to PhiCorp COO Stuart Owens (Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson). She flirts with him and leaves. He peruses the files. Stuart then places a call to a man in Shanghai. Stuart says PhiCorp purchased some land around Shanghai back in the 90s and the trail just stops. There is no mention of what happened to the land. Stuart asks the man to investigate. The man agrees to do so. He shoots the lock off a fence and enters.

Stuart calls the man back later in the day. The man tells Stuart that it was a dead end then he joins the “45 Club”.

Rex, still at the overflow camp outside LA, continues filming everything determined to expose what is going on. He says into the camera that he is CIA.. scratch that, he is Torchwood. Esther, also still at the overflow camp, continues to try and reach Dr. Juarez. The camps director, Maloney, returns to the offices and puts the camp on lockdown.

In Wales, Gwen is trying desperately to get her father changed to a category two. The doctor she is speaking with says there is a fine line between categories 1 and 2. Gwen tells the doctor that category 1s are burned. Gwen realizes the doctor already knows that. As they argue, the doctor says the government agreed to this and she is just doing her job.

Jack finds Janet in a bar she was planning to meet Stuart. He shows her emails that he found flirtatious emails between her and COO Owens. He also has emails from Owens to HR calling Janet “limited” and asking for her transfer to Cincinnati. Janet is on board.

Jack finds Stuart having dinner with his wife at a fancy restaurant. Jack interrupts saying Stuart’s mistress sent him. Stuart’s wife gets mad and leaves. Jack quizzes Stuart as to what or who is behind everything. Stuart says he is investigating the same thing. There are a lot of off book things going on with PhiCorp. The cops show up and Jack disappears.

Rex poses as an unconscious patient. Rex incapacitates a soldier, puts on his clothes, and , pretending to go for a smoke, promptly gets caught. The soldiers hold Rex for Mahoney to come and interrogate.

Rex tries to play to Mahoney’s ego saying he has everything on tape and if Mahoney helps him they would be heroes. Mahoney watches the tape and breaks down. Mahoney sees the wound on Rex’s chest. He takes a pen and shoves in the wound. Rex screams in agony and passes out.

Esther comes around and finds Mahoney. She tells him that he has a call from Dr. Juarez. Mahoney, knowing that is not true, attacks Esther. They get into a fight. Esther thinks she has killed Mahoney, but when she goes back for the keys to free Rex, they fight and he starts choking her out. Mahoney is shot by a soldier and Esther frees Rex.

Gwen and Rhys free her dad. Gwen stays behind saying she has one more thing to do. She puts in the contact lenses and contacts Jack. Jack watches and she blows up the module in Wales.

Torchwood is able to get the video to the news and they air it. The government says they will look into but as they are the ones that authorized these categories and overflow camps, they are in no hurry.

Gwen arrives back in LA. She is trying, unsuccessfully to get hold of Rhys. She gets a call on the courtesy phone. The voice on the other side tells her to put in the lenses. She goes to the restroom and puts them in. Messages come across that they have her Mom, her husband, and her child. She asks what they want. They want Jack!


- What did the guy in Shanghai find that make him throw himself off a building?
- The scenes between Rex, Esther, and Mahoney are truly intense. The pen through the chest was very well done.
- No Oswald or Jilly this week.
- Lots of action this week but little forward momentum, which is not necessarily a bad thing. This episode put everyone in place for the final four.


Possibly, Torchwood starts standing up for what is right and the government is the bad guy.