EPISODE REVIEW: Torchwood Miracle Day: "Immortal Sin" (Season 4, episode 7)

Charles H
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A trip to Jack’s past to see the beginnings of the “miracle”.

Flashback to last week where someone tells Gwen, through the contact lenses, that they have her family and to bring them Jack.

It is 1927, at the immigration center on Ellis Island, Jack Harkness is called. A man comes running but it is not the Jack we know. Our Captain Jack comes from behind screaming stop that man. Jack shows papers to prove he is the real Jack Harkness and the man is arrested.

Jack goes to visit the man in jail. His name is Angelo Colassanto (Daniele Favilli) and Jack uses his wrist strap to free him by changing the documentation.

Present day, Esther and Rex are discussing Dr. Juarez’s death. Rex tries to say it did not affect him a great deal. Gwen rushes in looking for Jack. They go to the car where she tasers him and she drives off.

1927, Jack and Angelo find an apartment and end up in bed together.

Present Day, on the radio, Gwen is listening to news reports of Oswald supporting the overflow camps and the categories of life. Jack wakes up in the back set. Gwen tells him they have her family. She demands to what is going on and what he did.

1927, Jack meets Father Timothy at a church confessional. The Father gives Jack and Angelo several bottles of wine. They are captured by crime boss Maranzano’s men. Maranzano tells Jack they can’t bootleg here, this is his territory. Jack says that Maranzano could use him. Maranzano agrees and tells Jack to move a box from one warehouse to another and not to look inside.

Jack packs a bag for Angelo to leave. He doesn’t want to go. Jack says maybe he could use a companion like the Doctor has and lets Angelo stay.

Present, Jack tells Gwen he can free her daughter using his wrist strap; he just needs a drop of her blood. All she has to do is untie him. Gwen realizes he is lying as the lenses type the same.

1927, Jack and Angelo go to the warehouse. The crate, that they naturally look into, holds some parasitic alien creatures. The creatures enter into the brain causing the person to go crazy. Jack says the creatures were going to be used on Roosevelt, ultimately allowing Germany to win World War II. The group behind these creatures is The Trickster’s Brigade. The police crash in. After a chase, they capture Angelo and “kill” Jack.

Present, as Gwen and Jack continue driving, Gwen says she knew Torchwood was toxic but stayed anyway. The worst part was she loved it. She says she will see Jack die in order to save her daughter. Jack says he will do the same to her in order not to die.

1928, after a year, Angelo is released from Sing Sing. Jack is waiting for him outside. Angelo is shocked to see him. Angelo says Jack used him just to get what he wanted and for someone to take the fall. Jack convinces him that he didn’t die that day and he didn’t use him. They go back to the same apartment they had before and start to make out. Angelo stabs and “kills” Jack. Jack comes back to life. Angelo calls him a devil and brings the landlords in to see. They see Jack come alive and are horrified. Jack is hung up in a meet locker. People from the area come to see Jack return to life. They murder him over and over. Some collect his blood. Three men come and look at Jack. They offer to buy him and form a partnership. They clasp arms and form a triangle.

Present, Gwen takes Jack to the designated area. He says he has lived many life times but doesn’t want to die.

1928, Angelo frees Jack. He tells Jack some thought he was a devil, others thought he was a blessing. He follows Jack to a rooftop where Jack has a coat hidden. Jack tells Angelo it is time to go but he is going alone. Jack leaps of the building. Angelo sees Jack’s lifeless body down on the street. By the time Angelo gets to the street, Jack is gone.

Present day, an SUV pulls up in front of Gwen and Jack. Two armed men and a woman (Nana Visitor from DS9) get out. She wants to greet the last mortal man. A shot fires out, just missing one of the armed men. A flashback reveals that Esther checked the cache on the contact lenses and discovers what is going on. She and Rex set a plan into motion to free Jack, Gwen, and her family. Torchwood now has the guns and control of the situation. The police in Wales bust in and free Gwen’s family. The woman says this doesn’t change anything. Jack is still coming with her because Angelo wants to see him.


- This episode exposes some of the not so nice things about Jack, how he uses people and then just leaves.
- Is Angelo behind the ‘miracle’? Is he working with the three men that bid on Jack?
- No screen-time for Oswald or Jilly again this week.
- Another Doctor Who shout out.
- It is nice seeing genre actors pop up. Nana Visitor, Yea!!
- Only 3 episodes left.