EPISODE REVIEW: Torchwood Miracle Day: "Escape to LA" (Season 4, episode 4)

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Something more sinister.

Esther sits in front of a seemingly abandoned house. It is actually her sister’s house. Esther checks on her sister, who is extremely paranoid, and her nieces. Worried for her nieces’ safety and with tears in her eyes, Esther calls social; services to get them to check on the family. While Esther is there, she is being watched by someone (C. Thomas Howell). He is working with whoever was leading CIA Director Freidkin and the Triangle. He, henceforth the Follower, is told to follower her to Jack, get him, and do what he wants with everyone else.

The Torchwood team drives in an old station wagon to LA. They are there because LA is the where PhiCorp’s headquarters is located. They rent a shabby apartment and set-up base. Gwen goes outside to talk to Rhys; she is worried about her father, while the Follower shoots pictures of her. Jack is watching Oswald Danes on TV; he knows Danes is somehow connected to the Miracle Day events.

Mayor Ellis Hartley Monroe (Mare Winningham) is a Tea Party Member and behind the “Dead is Dead” campaign. “Dead is Dead” is a campaign that quarantines those that should be dead and keeps them away from the general public.

Dr. Juarez is along on a tour of a hospital that was closed 20 years earlier. The plan is to reopen the hospital and put all of those that should be dead in there. She does not like that idea.

Monroe is pushing Danes off the news cycle, which he is not happy about. There is a press conference to he held at the internment area (the old hospital), which is already overflowing. When Danes arrives, it is Monroe that is speaking with the reporters. He is upset and wants Jilly to do something about it. She gets on the phone and he gets out of the car. Danes goes inside and tells everyone inside that he is one of them and will fight for their rights. All is captured on video. Monroe is not happy and leaves. She sips her coffee and passes out. The triangle symbol appears on a screen in the car.

Rex goes to visit his dad. Rex wants to makes amends but it doesn’t work out so well for him.

Torchwood locates a highly secured service within PhiCorp. There plan is to steal it to get the information, however they need the voice, fingerprints, and retina patter of the IT specialist, Nicolas Frumkin, in order to get to the server. In a fun scene, Jack and Gwen, in an American accent, pose as a hippy couple and approach Frumkin. They get him to say his name, they have him hold a water container, and they get a close up shot of his eye.

The Follower also gets the information to gain access to the server, only he does much more brutally.

Esther follows up on her sister and discovers the kids have been removed and the sister place in the psych ward. Rex is not happy when he finds this out. Esther says she used an untraceable cell phone.

Gwen and Jack go undercover and infiltrate PhiCorp. Jack poses as a delivery man and delivers the fake server. They remove the server they want. Jack heads back to his delivery truck. As Gwen is placing the fake server in, she is hit from behind by the tracker. Rex is mad. He yells at Esther and blames her for everything.

Jack gets back to the deliver truck and fined the guard in the back as close as you can get to dead now. He races back up to Gwen. As Jack tries to free her, the Follower hits him. Rex struggles his way up the stairs to help.

The Follower has both tied up. He is glad to meet someone he can kill in this new world order, namely Jack. The Follower says those responsible “are always. They are no one. They are everywhere.” He says the miracle is yet to come. He tells them that ‘they’ have a past with Jack. The follower also says, “And soon the families will rise.” As he is about to say who “they” are, Rex comes in and shots him, including in the throat. As the Follower falls against the wall shot but still alive, Jack and Gwen are upset with Rex’s timing but grateful he saved their lives.

Monroe is sitting in the back of her limo. The Triangle comes on the screen and tells her it could have worked with her but they now have Oswald and she needs to be taken out of the way. The car is picked up and placed in a compactor. We are taken inside the compacted care and see an eye that is still moving and blinking.

Searching through the data from PhiCorp, Esther finds plans for overflow camps for ICU patients. Rhys calls and tells Gwen he was able to take care of her father and just got him placed into one of the overflow camps. Gwen screams at Rhys to stop her dad. He races out the hospital only to watch the ambulance drive away.


- It was nice that Rex and Esther were a little more fleshed out.
- The eye is the compacted car is a great visual. It is almost as good as the blinking severed head from episode 1.
- The Monroe character served no real purpose other than to let us know what Davies thinks about the Tea Party. It is aggravating when shows get involved in Politics. Davies, we understand how you feel, we get it. Now please, just give us a good story.
- I have seen a few reviews from the UK that say this season is not as good as Children of Earth. CofE had a lot to do in only 5 episodes. The 10 episodes here allow for more character development and a broader story.
- Jack used the alias “John Smith.” Another Doctor Who reference.
- Who is behind it all? The 456. Vampires, with the rising families.


No. If it would not have been for the ‘evil’ tea party mayor, then probably so.