EPISODE REVIEW: Torchwood: Miracle Day “Rendition” (Season 4; Episode 2)

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After an exciting and dangerous flight, they are here.

Captain Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper, and Rhys Williams are taken in handcuffs to Heathrow Airport in London. They are escorted by CIA agent Rex Matheson and CIA agent Lynne (Dichen Lachman from Dollhouse). Rhys notes that Jack being mortal makes sense since everyone else is mortal. Rex takes Jacks wrist strap. Jack and Gwen are forced into the plane and Rhys and the baby are forced into a car.

Back at Langley, Esther Drummond goes to CIA agent Friedkin (Wayne Knight) and tells him Rex is coming back with the members of Torchwood. Friedkin thanks her. When she leaves, he does an investigation on her and sends a message on a second phone to someone. They respond with one word “Remove”.

Back on the plane, Jack and Gwen are arguing with Rex that they know nothing about what is happening. He says you may not know but they are connected. Lynne is working on her computer and gets the “remove” message from Friedkin. Rex calls Dr. Juarez asking her to meet him at the airport with pain killers. People are dying but they aren’t healing either as Rex’s pole through the check is still affecting him. When Jack asks for a drink Lynne tells the steward he can get the drink and she will help. While the steward’s back is turned, Lynne drugs the soda. It is served and Jack drinks it down.

Oswald Danes is preparing for an interview with the news. While he is waiting he raids the free food bar. He tells the production assistant that he can’t go anywhere without being mobbed and no one will give him a job. During the interview, the anchor shows a picture of the girl that Oswald killed and asked if he ad anything to say to the family. The anchorman pushes and Oswald breaks down sobbing and says “I’m sorry.”

Dr. Juarez hears of panels of health care providers discuss how to handle no one dying. On Doctor that the panel is observing keeps asking for more antibiotics. Dr. Juarez realizes that people that would ordinarily die are becoming germ incubators, as more antibiotics are administered, the germs will build up a resistance.

Back on the plan, Jack is starting to feel the affects of the poisoned drink. He really looks bad. They first suspect the steward, who pleads his innocence. Rex turns his attention to Lynne. He searches her bag and finds the poison. Rex cuffs her to the chair. She breaks free and hits Gwen. Big Mistake. Gwen decks Lynne and knocks her out cold.

Jack realizes that Lynne poisoned him with arsenic. Rex calls Dr. Juarez and tasks her to find an antidote for arsenic that can be made on a plane. She involves the panel she is working with. They come up with an antidote involving cyanide, degreaser and a few other items. It works.

Jilly Kitzinger (Lauren Ambrose from Six Feet Under) runs into Oswald on the elevator. She tells him she is in public relations and that he put on a wonderful performance. He says it was no performance. Jilly tells him that he is trending on twitter with the hash-tag #forgive. She says she can help him with his image. Just then, the TV production assistant comes around and says that Oprah is on the phone and wants to talk with him. Oswald tells Jilly he doesn’t need her help.

Back at CIA, Friedkin has Rex’s computer and office cleared. Esther sees this. She also discovers that $50,000 was put into her bank account. Esther sees two of Friedkin’s men at her desk. Esther takes a co-worker’s badge and escapes CIA headquarters.

Jilly shows up at the healthcare panel. As Dr. Juarez is leaving, Jilly stops her. She tells the doctor is with a pharmaceutical company. Jilly mentions a stockpile of drugs the government has in case of emergency and she could help Dr. Juarez get them.

Rex, Torchwood, and the rest arrive in DC. They are met by two men Friedkin sent when Rex called him and told him about Lynne and that they were arriving. As the group is walking through the airport, Esther calls and tells Rex that they are being set-up. He gets a text showing a deposit of $100,000 in his account. Rex quotes some regulations and takes the hand cuff off of them. Rex, Jack, and Gwen fight Lynne and the two from the CIA. Lynne gets her neck broken in the process.

Outside the airport, Dr. Juarez meets Rex with the pain killers. Esther is there with a get away car, a mini-cooper. Esther, Rex, Jack, and Gwen squeeze into the car and start to drive away. As they do, Lynne walks up with her head turned completely around. Everyone stops and stares. Jack and Gwen tell her to go. As they drive away, Gwen says “Welcome to Torchwood.”

· Welcome to Torchwood indeed.
· Another very good episode, but at times it felt as this episode had a little filler in order to make the 10 episode quota.
· Not sure what Jilly’s deal is.
· I wonder what will happen when this is solved. Will everyone who was supposed to die just suddenly die, Rex included?
· Bill Pullman is doing a wonderful job as Oswald Danes. He is really creepy.

Will Conservatives Like This?

Unsure, the CIA looks like the enemy to our heroes. Jack mentions a boyfriend of his that died of arsenic in the 1800s.