EPISODE REVIEW: Torchwood Miracle Day: “Dead of Night” (Season 4, Episode 3)

Charles H
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Torchwood starts working as a team.

CIA director Freidkin walks down stairs to find his TV on. The TV is tuned to an interview of Oswald Dane. Dane is discussing his survival from execution. He also says that all drugs should be free. Freidkin turns off the TV and find Rex Matheson, one of the new Torchwood members, pointing a gun at him. Rex quizzes Freidkin about what is going on and why he had Rex and Esther framed. Freidkin says he does not who they are but they are everywhere and that they use a cellphone to contact him. Rex takes the cellphone, fires his gun right beside Freidkin’s ear, and leaves. Jack and Gwen are waiting outside. They use spike strips to escape the police.

The team is looking into the miracle from a makeshift base. Gwen returns after watching a parade of the soulless. The soulless are a group that believes mankind lost its soul when the miracle happened. They watch Oswald’s interview and Jack wants to check him out. Jack surmises that it is not merely people not dying it is that something is willing them to live. Rex and Esther find a warehouse that Freidkin has been covering up. They decide to get a different car and check it out.

Gwen smashes the window of a sedan and they go to the warehouse. On the way, Rex reminds Gwen she is driving on the wrong side of the rode. The warehouse is a huge storage facility full of drugs that the pharmaceutical company PhiCorp has been stockpiling for over a year. PhiCorp knew what was coming.

Jilly Kitzinger gets back in touch with Dr. Juarez. She is trying top persuade Dr. Juarez to come to a meeting a PhiCorp.

Rex contacts a friend and former CIA agent. Jack is cautious but Rex trusts the guy. The place to two were supposed to meet is swarmed by cops. Luckily Rex took precautions and was waiting across the straight. He realizes how alone the Torchwood team is.

Not getting far in the investigation and all alone, the group is on edge. Rex and Jack are arguing over who is in charge. Rex takes off in the car and ends up with Dr. Juarez and they have an encounter. Jack decides to relieve his stress at the gay bar. He meets up with the bartender and they have an encounter. Gwen and Esther have a close talk. Esther is worried about her sister who can’t handle difficult situations. Gwen tells her if she goes home, she will be arrested, the girls are bonding.

Jack, after his encounter and slightly drunk, calls Gwen. They talk about those that have been lost. Jack says they only need each other. Gwen doesn’t hear everything though, as the connection with her family is established and she hangs up on Jack.

Oswald decides to slip past the one guard watching him and leave the hotel for a bite to eat. At the dinner, he is watched by a younger punk-looking couple. They following him from the restaurant and threaten to beat him. He finds two cops that chase the couple away and offer to give him a ride home. The cops drive him to a remote location and beat him. They drop him out at his hotel. Jilly shows up and convinces Oswald to attend the meeting a PhiCorp.

Dr. Juarez, at Rex’s behest, agrees to attend the PhiCorp meeting. Gwen will go as well while wearing the only remaining piece of Torchwood technology, the contact lens camera. Yeah continuity.

During the meeting, Gwen slips into Jilly’s office and downloads some information. Rex and Esther are watching Gwen and listening to the meeting through Dr. Juarez’s phone. PhiCorp announces they will back legislation that will make all prescription drugs available over the counter. Most everyone in attendance is shocked by this announcement. PhiCorp’s sales could jump tremendously.

As Rex and Esther watch the events a PhiCorp unfold, the cell phone from Freidkin rings. Rex answers but no one responds. They realize the call could be traced, so they pack-up and get out.

Jack confronts Oswald. Jack wants to know about his connection to PhiCorp. Jack knows he is not sorry for what he has done. He wants the truth and wants it on record. Oswald says that the killing the girl and it being the happiest moment of his life. Jack is going to share that information with everyone. PhiCorp has provided Oswald with security. They beat Jack, take the recording, and throw Jack out into the street. As Jack lays there, Oswald comes on the TV and says when he said free drugs he meant free access to drugs and PhiCorp has been help us when the governments have failed. A woman asks Jack, “Did you touch him?” She is clearly enthralled with Oswald.

Random Observations:
- Jack notices the warehouse is “bigger on the inside than the outside.” Nice.
- “I’m loving this hangover.” Jack on his first hangover experience.
- The couple and the cops that work over Oswald, that is how I expected more people to treat him.
- “It’s fizzy in the UK and flat in the US.” Lemonade.
- This was a little bit slower episode as far as action, but the plot moved along well. It also helped bring the team a little closer together.
- Working on episodes 4 and 5 to get those up soon.


No. Jack is loud and proud. Our villain seems to be an evil pharmaceutical company profiting on the backs of the needy. Maybe that will change, here’s hoping.