EPISODE REVIEW: Torchwood Miracle Day “The Blood Line” (Season 4, Episode 10)

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The final episode of Miracle day finds our team on opposite ends of the earth and a sacrifice is made.

The focus starts on Gwen. She tells a nice story of how good her father is and that today will be the day she kills him.

In Buenos Aries, Rex and Esther spill a drop of Jack’s blood. It begins to move – towards the blessing. They confirm the movement over the phone with Gwen. She tells them to keep Jack’s blood safe.

In Shanghai, Jilly and the woman from the families are talking. The woman tells Jilly that they are going to blow the place up. It will not destroy the Blessing only bury it and the miracle will last forever.

Gwen sets out to follow Jack’s blood. It leads to a restaurant and through a door. The Chinese woman yells at Gwen to get out. Gwen manages to get the woman to let her through the door. Gwen sees the ally that leads to the Blessing. She goes back in the restaurant and waits for Jack.

The woman tells Jilly that the blessing regulated the life expectancy of the world. People in a 2 mile radius live the average life expectancy to the day. The families changed everything; this is only the first part of the plan.

CIA analyst Noah has software that will track down and locate the phone number of the mole. CIA director Shapiro tells him that software could overload everything and they can’t risk that right now.

The Argentinean army arrives to help Rex and Esther. They now have the location, an unnamed alley. Charlotte, CIA analyst / trader, takes out her phone to the families.

As they are preparing to meet Gwen, Oswald asks Jack who he is. Jack revels he is from the future. When Oswald asks if they will survive, Jack says the future can change.

Gwen talks to Rhys. Her dad has not been sent to the incinerator yet. Rhys can get in to see him thanks to Gwen’s friend from the Cardiff police department (ed.: Andy, who is Torchwood's equivalent of Walter from Stargate SG-1).

Rex, Esther, and the army squadron load up in the back of truck. Rex, who is with the army commander, doubles over in pain and Esther leaves the truck to check on him. A soldier, carrying Jack’s blood, opens the case, yells something in Spanish, and blows himself up. Rex tells the commander that everyone must think that he and Esther died in the explosion.

Shapiro tells Noah to use the software. He doesn’t care what may happen, he wants the mole. Charlotte goes into an office, pulls out a small package, turns it on, and puts it in her bag. She goes to see how the search for the mole is going. She leaves her bag and walks away. Just as they find out it is Charlotte, the bag explodes.

On either side of the earth, the teams break into the blessing. After the explosion, the only blood they have left is inside Jack.

Jack finds a box with Chinese lettering he recognizes. He is glad Oswald is along. The woman knows the team is there from the surveillance cameras. They and armed guards greet Jack, Gwen, and Oswald as they step out of the elevator. Oswald revels he has explosives attached to his chest. He is going to make sure the woman doesn’t blow the place up unless she is there.

However, on the other side of the world, the families have Rex and Esther captive. Jack says he is the one in control because it is his blood that is the key to stopping all of this. Jack and Gwen look into the blessing. Jack says he sees the lives he has lived and it’s not so bad. Gwen says she sees guilt. Jack says the blessing is the nothingness in between the rocks. Gwen says she can feel that it has been there since the earth began.

The man from the families in Buenos Aries says the blessing emits a Morphic field that binds everyone on the planet together. He says it was Jack’s blood that made everyone immortal. The families tell everyone that this is only the first step. Gwen says the world has gone to hell. The woman says you have to tear everything down and then rebuild. The families will control the banks, the banks will control the governments, and the governments will control the people. They will decide who lives and dies, where they live and die, everything. Jilly likes the sound of that. Jack says he will introduce his now mortal blood and everything will go back to the way it was. The families tell him the blood has to be entered from both sides simultaneously.

Just as the families thought they had won, Rex reveals that he had his blood replaced with Jack’s. Jack and Rex decide to spill their blood into the Blessing, but the man in Buenos Aries shoots Esther. They must decide; if they spill their blood it ends, if not Esther lives but so does the miracle. They decide to spill their blood into the fissure. Gwen shoots Jack and Rex opens his chest wound.

Gwen narrates saying she brought death back. She explains it was like a breath a last breath. Rhys is at his father-in-law’s side when he wakes up. The father looks around, takes a breath and dies.

Everything around the blessing starts to collapse. Oswald grabs the woman and holds her captive. Gwen and Jilly run for the elevator. Jack wakes up. Gwen fights Jilly to return and get Jack. Oswald says to run (remeniscent of the little girl he killed who "didn't run fast enough.") and he will blow the place up. They leave and Oswald sets off the explosives as they run out of the building. Over in Buenos Aries, Rex and Esther are being treated by paramedics.

Rhys is at a funeral. Gwen is then reveled, followed by Jack, Rex, and Charlotte. It is Esther’s funeral.

The blond man from the families finds Jilly on a park bench. She says she had to give up everything to get back from China. He says she needs to start with them again. She says everything was destroyed. He says there is a plan B.

Charlotte offers condolences to Rex for Esther’s passing. As she walks away, Rex gets a message. It is from Noah’s software saying Charlotte is the mole. He runs after Charlotte. She turns around and shoots Rex. She is shot by other CIA agents. Jack, Gwen and Rhys run to Rex. Jack says he is dead. Rex then takes a big breath and comes back to life.

The End.

Stray Thoughts:
- So now Rex and Jack are immortal.
- Enjoyed seeing Nana Visitor and John de Lancie.
- This was a very good series, not as good as Children of Earth though. I think if this story would have been over fewer episodes it might have been better.
- I like Torchwood, got into it when it was on HDNet. I wish they would leave out Jack’s sexuality though.
- Starz is willing to do another season of Torchwood. It all depends on Russell T. Davies.
- Thanks for letting me cover these. It was great fun. Maybe we can get together and do this again sometime.

Will conservatives like this?
For the episode, yes; the heroes win, the bad guys go down, and government no longer controls life and death. For the season; maybe, if we left out Jack’s omni-sexuality and tea party references.