EPISODE REVIEW: Thundercats: "Legacy" (Episode 7)

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This week picks up shortly after the last episode. The group is hanging around the Tower pretty much just chilling. Lion-o is trying to open the book and comes to the conclusion that instead of being magic in nature, The Book of Omens is instead technology. Suddenly the Book blast Lion-o knocking him unconscious. His spirit (?) is lifted into the book where his essence encounters Jaga who explains that the book is neither magic nor tech, and yet is both at the same time.

After explaining that Book will test Lion-o’s worth, he is transported and unknown period of time back into the body of his ancestor, Leo, who turns out to be the cat seen in Mumm-ra’s flashback last week. We find out that Leo is the leader of a rebellion against Mumm-ra who rules not only over the cats, but also every other species on a giant ship. Leo and his very tall and blue girlfriend plot to steal the Eye of Thundera and place it into the newly formed Sword of Omens which Lion-o will used to defeat Mumm-ra. After assuring support from the Jackals and Lizards the plan is put into action. Of course they succeed but not without a few surprises.
After the Book deems Lion-o’s performance adequate he is whisked back to the present where the other’s look on worried. He explains that he knows what they have to do next, referring to replicating Leo’s action of uniting all animals against Mumm-ra.


With this episode Thundercats continues to improve. I was ready to call this episode the best of the series (which I said about last weeks), and it may well be, but I’m going to call it a tie since they are so different yet tie in so well. If last week was an Indiana Jones homage, this week was Star Wars. Taking place entirely in space we got our first look at the technology being used as it was in the past. Lion-o’s line “never thought the past would look so much like the future” describes it perfectly. The whole setup looked stunning and the story was explained well to the audience through Leo without feeling forced.

All I can think of were cool moments. From the design of the characters, to the different in size of Mumm-ra to his second in command Leo, the episode stunned. We find out that Mumm-ra used to rule over all the creatures and that they had spent quite a long time searching not only for the Eye of Thundera (war stone), but also had found THREE other stones of power used by Mumm-ra to create the incredibly powerful Sword of Plun-darr and a gauntlet very similar to that of Lion-o’s current one.

The cats have a special place aboard Mumm-ra’s fortress and rule over the other species. There is tension between the cats and the others due to this just as there is in the present time. While its easy to cheer for the cats, it does make them a bit less sympathetic since Mumm-ra likes them because of their cunning and ruthlessness.

The fight between Lion-o and Mumm-ra was the best so far not only because it was choreographed beautifully and really took advantage of the size difference, but also because of Mumm-ra’s second transformation. The stone powered tech provides armor and more power and he was truly something to behold when full powered. On top of that we got to see Leo transform after getting his hand on two stones and it just doesn’t get any better than that.

An exciting fight, gorgeous cinematography and design, humor, and answered questions make this the best of the series. There, just like that, after writing this review I can honestly say that it is. You have to watch this episode because this review just doesn’t do it justice.

Will conservatives like this?

A leader rebelling and uniting a group to rise against an imperial monarch is perfect for any right winger to enjoy.