EPISODE REVIEW: Terra Nova: “Now You See Me” (Episode 9)

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This was a pretty good episode which I will attempt to relate without revealing any spoilers like “Skye is the mole.” Despite the fact that Skye is the mole, and despite the fact that it’s revealed in this episode, I’m not going to say a peep about it. So read on content in the knowledge that this will be a spoiler free review, and that Skye’s “Special Relationship” with the plot will not be revealed. (She’s the mole. Did you know? I didn’t know!)


Taylor leaves camp to go look for Lucas by himself, despite the fact that it’s insane to go without backup. He leaves Jim in charge of the camp, despite the fact that it’s insane to do so. I mean, what if something goes wrong?

Something goes wrong, of course. Taylor is almost immediately ambushed by Mira, who’s out there for no good reason other than the script calls for such unlikely coincidences (I mean, earth 85MYA was the same size as earth 2011AD, right? Yet they keep suggesting it’s about the size of Rhode Island). She catches him, they do the Stargate Atlantis “Walk-and-exposit-in-the-woods” thing. Then he escapes and catches her, and they do more of the SGA “Walk and Talk.” Then they find they’re being hunted by a fake-a-saurus, so, in SGA fashion, they’re forced to fight alongside, and they reach an honorable-yet-adversarial understanding. Each go their separate ways, their ultimate agendas not yet resolved.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Jim has *Almost* caught the mole. It’s Skye. Said mole - Skye - manages to get away, but cuts herself in the process, leaving blood - Skye’s blood - behind. After some not-terribly-tedious padding of the plot, Sky visit’s the Sixer camp and we see that she’s working with them ‘cuz her mom isn’t dead (As we’d previously been told), but is infected with Plot Device Plague (“PDP” in medical lingo). This allows her to be used as a hostage by the Sixers: Do what we say, or we cut off your mom’s meds, and she dies slowly and painfully. Back at camp, Skye - because she’s the mole you see - discovers that Mrs. Doctor Jim is close to identifying the mole (Skye) based on the blood (Which belongs to the mole. Skye is the mole. I don’t know if I’ve made that perfectly clear), so she (Skye) destroys the sample (Of her blood, “Her” in this case being a pronoun that refers to the subject “Skye.”) and gets away scot free (“Scot” starting with “S” which is the same letter “Skye” starts with, which may or may not be foreshadowing if, in fact, it turns out that she’s the mole, as I suspect she might be).

Having failed to find the mole (Skye is the mole, by the way) they do manage to figure out the mole is a chick (Skye is a chick. Coincidence? I think not). This limits their list of suspects to 40-something.

Oh, yeah, and Zoe has to give up her pet babysaurus. Whatever.

The End


I gotta’ say: they rooked me on Skye being the spy. Despite my rambling condescension above, I guessed wrong pretty much every frackin’ week, and I didn’t see it coming tonight. I really *should* have. I mean, she *is* the most useless and under-used member of the cast, but she’s also the most likeable after Taylor and Jim. They’d have to use someone likeable-yet-disposable or else we’ll all feel cheated, and there you go. It also adds up that she’d know how to get to the Sixer camp, as we saw in a previous episode, and why she’s going OTG so much, and a whole bunch of other things that have been hanging in our face since the premier. I flat out admit it: I’m a dope. I really, really, really should have seen this coming, but I didn’t.

My youngest was put off by the blood in the first part of the ep. Skye’s hand looks pretty painful, and Taylor gets pretty scuffed up tonight.

Jim was channeling young charming Mel Gibson tonight. Normally he channels Michael Shanks or, occasionally, Matt Passmore, who, himself, channels Michael Shanks. This isn’t a bad thing, as I like all these people (Though I’m not terribly fond of old, crazy, not-charming Mel Gibson), it’s just interesting that he abruptly decided to go in an underplayed ‘Mel’ direction, rather than his more stock fashion. Good performance from him, and his accent is comfortable enough now that I wouldn’t know he wasn’t American if I didn’t already know.

These episodes appear to take place about a month apart. We’ve suspected that, but they said it tonight.

The Sixers work for Lucas. His hope is to make the stargate-er-portal go both ways so people from the future can strip-mine the past. Again, this really shouldn’t be a problem, but the world of the past is the size of Rhode Island (Including all of Providence Plantations when it’s low tide!) This is, as I said last week, pretty disappointing as nefarious plans go.

Despite us not having seen any, 2149 involves large domed cities.

Everyone keeps talking about getting back to 2149 as though they all came from there, but Mira came back from 2146, and Taylor’s been there even longer.

I like the bit where Taylor and Mira got to bickering, and Taylor started his whole “I survived in the bush 116 days” and Mira fires back that she’s coming up on 1000. Nice moment. The fight was nice, if perfunctory, too.

Lucas hates his dad because of something that happened in Somalia. We don’t know what, but it evidently upsets Taylor, too. Based on the thinnest of clues, I think it involved Lucas’ mom/Taylor’s wife. You shouldn’t believe me, though, because I didn’t see the identity of the spy coming (It was Skye) and I really should have (Because it was Skye).

Worldbuilding: in the 2140s there was a “Secessionist” movement in the US, apparently. The Secessionists failed, and there was a lot of bloodshed. Mira was one of these, and was recruited by whomever the bad guys up the timeline are since she had no other options. Being a rebel gets you blacklisted, evidently.

What the heck is that on Mira’s chest? Is it a scar or a brand? It’s ugly, whatever it is.

Apart from plot contrivance, why did Skye have to use a *broken* mirror? They don’t’ have any non-broken mirrors? I mean, she’s a chick, it’s not like anyone would be suspicious of her having one on her, right?

This is the second pretty good episode in a row, and the third decent episode in the run of the show. It’s also far, far better than last week’s poorly written ep. That said, last week’s bad writing didn’t really kill the ep until the final act, and it was interesting enough to be far better than most of the rest of the run of this show. Tonight was genuinely enjoyable. I’ve compared this show to Stargate: Atlantis a lot, tonight and elsewhere, as that’s the standard I judge mediocre TV SF by. This show appears to have adopted that standard as well, since pretty much everything that happened tonight came from the Wright/Malozzi playbook.

That’s not a bad thing, mind you, but at $4million/episode I’d expect a bit more.


Sure. No reason not to.

(The mole is Skye, by the way)