EPISODE REVIEW: Sym-Bionic Titan: “Tashy 497” (Episode 9)

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The evil general dude goes to the planet Mutrad to complain about how little bang he’s getting for his alien monster buck. The leader of the monster ship gives him the most horrifying creature on the planet, a cute little blue deal that looks a lot like Oswald the Octopus.

You know, I said that to be funny, but on watching the clip right now, I realize he really *does* look like him.

Anyway, so the alien is a living bomb. If he dies - naturally or unnaturally - he’ll explode with enough force to destroy a planet. Illana and Lance bond with the little guy in a couple kinda’ neat scenes (I love Lance rolling around with him like he’s playing with a dog), but Octus figures out what’s what, and they have to get rid of the guy. Seems simply being on earth is killing him. They fly him off into space and let him expire. His explosion creates a new nebula, which they name after him.

Meanwhile, the evil general dude kills the monster master.


SO is the evil general dude blind or what? I’ve been working on the assumption that he sees through the eye on his hat, but he was looking in Oswald’s box *without* putting his hat/eye near it.

Nice use of music this time out.

One thing I’ve always liked about this show is their emphasis on showing collateral damage. Portions of the city are *still* being rebuilt after the premier. The US Army general turns up again to clean up huge amounts of shrapnel that fell from a battle at the start of this ep, and there’s a chase scene that focuses on the consequences of the damage Lance and co. do. It’s a violent show, but it’s not mindlessly so. I dig it.

The ‘he’s a nebula’ ending was a bit too sweet for me. It works better with Oswald dying, and them being heartbroken by it. “Of all the things we’ve been through, this is the hardest,” Illana says.

So how could a creature like this evolve? If it dies, it destroys a planet. But then how could you have more than one? I mean, if one dies, the entire species is dead. I think this was a deliberate logical gag.


No reason not to.