EPISODE REVIEW: Sym-Bionic Titan: “Showdown at Sherman High” (Episode 7)

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The Titan is fighting a big blob, and Octus destroys it with a high frequency radio wave. As they leave the scene, a droplet of goo gets on the princess’ clothes, and gets taken to school. It yells really loudly and the rest of the goo converges on the school to kill Team Lance. Running about and higgledy-piggeldy ensue.

MEANWHILE, the princess tries out for the cheerleader squad, doesn’t make it (Though she’s better than them) and ends up having to save the mean girls lives during the blob fight. Octus realizes cellphone signals will kill the beast, so the princess gets on the PA and tells everyone to text something to Octus so he can upload a blob-killing app to them or something, and it works.

The Princess decides not to join the cheerleading team after all.

The End.


I know, it doesn’t sound like much - and it isn’t - but this is a fun show to *look* at. Animation is stylized, but well done, and there are many impressive, if not particularly well animated, scenes. Titan swinging a huge sword just inches above the heads of a crowd of onlookers was neat. The blobs changing shape to remember what the kids looked like was neat. Lance is cool, the princess does over-earnest well, and Octus is a great geek.

I’m not complaining mind you, but the scenes with the cheerleaders - in fact, a lot of scenes in this series - are far sexier than they probably need to be. Hubba^2. We have several minutes of low-angles of leggy girls in short skirts, and cheerleaders crawling around on all fours. Some parents may want to be aware of that before letting their kids watch. It's a pretty sterotypical/leering view of women, which is kinda' surprising for being so overt.

A dumb jock is introduced in this episode, “Meat,” voiced by Bill Fagerbakke in full-on Patrick Star mode. He’s best known as Dauber from “Coach.”

And that’s what I’ve got. [Sigh] Remember back when I used to have live-action shows to review on Fridays?