EPISODE REVIEW: Stargate Universe: “Malice” (Season 2, Episode 8)

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A slight uptick on the ratings, about 100.000 more viewers last week than the week before, but only up 62,000 from Cloverdale, and down 148,000 from the season high (“Awakening,” episode 3). Let’s face it, kids, ratings are in the crapper for this show. The producers were hoping for “At least three seasons,” they’ll be lucky to get past two.

Ok, so as we all knew, Simeon was gonna’ kill the pretty little red-haired girl. And of course he did. Not only is Gid’s body and Rush’s girlfriend’s consciousness dead, but both the body and Gid are dead back on earth as well. Rush and Eli freak out, predictably. Simeon takes hostages and escapes to the nearest planet via the gate. Rush goes through first, intent on murder, and Scott, Greer, and James go through after. The bulk of the episode is a long, slow chase, punctuated by our normal Space:1999 deadline. The ship jumps once, but stays in range. A second jump will take them too far.

On the ship, the scientists attempt to figure out how to stall the clock, and Eli wants to go on the hunt for Simeon, but Young realizes it’s primarily because he thinks he *should* do it, not because he wants to. He talks him down. Chloe, using her new super alien biocomputer powers figures out how to steer the ship.

Rush manages to cripple Simeon in a very clever fashion. Simeon attempts to bargain for his life using his information about a Lucian Alliance attack on earth that’s coming up quick, but Rush kills him in cold blood.

The End


Say, that was pretty darn good!

I was afraid the situation with Gid was going to be more graphic and abusive. I’m glad they sidestepped that. I know they’re trying to be all dark and edgy on this series, but it is still Stargate, and I’m glad they still have a sense of propriety. Thank you, fellas.

From the very introduction of the stones in the premier of Season 8 of SG1, it’s been a subject of much debate as to what happens if someone dies while using the stones. After five years, we know: Both users die.

Young genuinely seems to be trying to cooperate in running the ship, Rush somewhat less so. He doesn’t interfere with the operation, but he does withhold information on his personal vendetta, or tries to. It’s interesting that Camille wasn’t in this episode at all. It was interesting to me that all the civilian scientists are pretty unhappy with Young’s “Forgive and Forget” stance. Nobody ever liked Rush, but the civilians were mostly willing to line up behind him in the first season. And of course we’ve seen that the man is willing to sacrifice billions for his own needs. That said, he actually seemed concerned for Park, and risked his own life to save her.

Man, Simeon was a wrecking crew, wasn’t he? Four dead, like eight wounded. I love that Rush killed him by using his head, rather than his skills. I also love how terrible a shot he is. All too often in movies and TV, you see one shot, one kill. It’s not like that. Even on a range, against a stationary target at a fixed difference, it’s pretty hard. Holding a pistol on a moving target, even at close range, is much harder than you’d expect. If someone ever pulls a gun on you, and you’ve got the option to run, just going in a zig-zag decreases your chances of getting shot by a very considerable margin as a result. So I love the “Realistic” gunfight here.

Scott was a very good commander, and he handled the situation very well, but…uhm…why, and how did he get those skills? He’s an Air Force officer. In general, their ground combat training is rudimentary. There are exceptions - Para Rescue, for instance - but I see no sign that he’s one of them. I suppose he’s probably received additional training since the Stargate Program is primarily feet-on-the-ground rather than flyboy stuff, but really, that’s more of a Marine or Army thing. I mean, isn’t that why they’ve got Marines on all the SGC outposts anyway? And if you’ve got Marines, is there even a point in having Air Force security around?

Which brings us to the question of what Scott’s job is, anyway? He’s the 2nd in command of Destiny, of course, but what was his job on Icarus? Security? Shuttle pilot? What was he doing there? And don’t even get me started on whatever the heck James’ job was. Well, ok, I’m started: she *does* appear to be USAF security, but, again, *why?* You’ve got Greer after all…

Speaking of whom, I love Greer: “Is it something we can barbeque?”

Interesting to me that Young avoids sitting in the captain’s chair, even when it’s convenient to do so, but Eli and Rush don’t hesitate.

I’d argue that Chloe was a bit of a MacGuffin, but as it’s part of her larger transformation arc, I’ll let it slide. I do like that they can now steer and stop, but can’t control how long they can stay.

Rush mocks Scott’s faith in God. Evidently, Scott’s religious beliefs are common knowledge. I guess they probably would be in that situation. Speaking of which, is it just me, or does Scott handle Rush really well when the guy breaks down? He makes sense, he’s supportive without bending, and he handles the guy effectively when he knows he’s being lied to. Scott is actually a guy with a bright future, it’d seem. I’m definitely getting a bright-eyed sense of the future from him.

The Lucian Alliance threat to earth has been pretty much and offstage plot for the last eight episodes. I’m assuming we’re gonna’ see that front-and-center soon, though I’m not sure how. My fear is that the Lucian Alliance will destroy earth, the Destiny will make it to the edge of the universe, and the whole series will be a cosmic reboot.

Notice how Greer immediately went to comfort Park after her rescue? They’re an item. Man, did she recover from her ordeal quickly or what?

What’ll become of the remaining Lucian folks on the ship?

Man oh man oh man, I really hope this show doesn’t get canned. I really want to see how all this plays out. Dear Syfy, I know I mock you openly, and for good reason - you do unabashedly suck - but if someone will contact me at three@republibot.com and assure me the show will be allowed to finish its planned storyline, I promise I will never make fun of you again, and will publicly sing your praises forevermore.


Heroic US Servicemen and women fighting an evil, yet made up enemy just like GI Joe vs. Cobra, while on their way to retrieve a message from God? Heck yeah we'll like it!