EPISODE REVIEW: Smallville: "Scion" (Season 10, Episode 16)

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Tess shows up at the Kent farm, asking him to mentor Alexander. Apparently she's having some difficulty with Alexander because he has an unusual genetic makeup.
Yes, Alexander has two daddies: Lex and Clark.

Tess and Lionel have some harsh words in an abandoned Luthor facility. She shows him a tube of ashes, tells him it's Alexander and leaves. Lionel is shattered….

Meanwhile back at the farm, Clark gets to know Connor (yep, that's what the clone formerly named Alexander calls himself…). Connor is experiencing the usual Kentish hero wanderlust, and to stop him, Clark reveals himself as the Blur. After a mishap involving heat vision, Connor agrees to stay at the Kent farm and practice using his powers. Connor has no memories of his previous Luthorness.

Lois and Clark discuss Connor's future and what it feels like growing up… different.
They dedicate themselves to raising a Superboy.

Lionel figures out that Alexander/Connor is alive and in Smallville…. the chase begins.

Connor and Clark are working on Connor's powers when Tess comes a calling with the news that Lionel knows he's there. Mind you, they forget the whole super-hearing thing, and Connor hears that he's half Lex. This really irritates him. He runs off in a …blur…

Meanwhile, based on an earlier discussion, Lois is trying to dig up dirt on Lionel version 2. Of course, she ends up on the wrong side of a gun.

Connor visits the burned out hulk of the Smallville Luthor mansion. Lionel finds him, and gives him the whole Darth Vader, "I am your father" speech. To aid in that, he gives Connor a red Kryptonite ring and takes him to see where he has Lois tied up. When Lionel pulls the trigger on a gun, Connor whisks Lois out of there at supersonic speed.

Turns out that Connor has a crush on Lois, and turns into a super-thief as he rescues her. He takes her somewhere where he believes that they will not be found, and declares his love for her. Lois rebuffs him, so he buffs the floor with her. The red-K ring is bringing out the Lex in him.

Clark finds them fairly quickly, and a dustup ensues. They fight at impressive speed and strength until Clark finds a way to destroy the red-K ring. As soon as Connor realizes what he's done, Lionel shows up with a chunk of green-K, disabling both Clark and Connor. Lionel drags Connor clear, saying that it's Connor's destiny to become a god- Connor responds by obliterating the kryptonite with his heat vision. Darth Luthor escapes to fight another day…

… or get drunk in his penthouse. Tess confronts him with evidence that they've uncovered that proves he's a doppelganger. She's also managed to completely out maneuver Lionel, kicking him out of Luthorcorp.

Connor and Clark repair the barn together, and Connor reveals… the black t-shirt with the S-shield. He discusses raising Connor with Lois, and realizes what great parents he had.

Luthor stands at Lex's grave in the rain, raging…. wishing that he could bring Lex back. Smoke rises from the earth and a figure with blazing red eyes emerges… Darkseid!


Connor "Superboy" Kent? I did NOT see that coming! It all makes perfect sense in retrospect, but I should've spotted the setup. I thought that it was going to be a standard 'Lex's clone takes his place' thing. Did not even see the possibility of bringing Superboy into the mix.

There were some well done lighter moments in this episode, nicely contrasting with John Glover's scenery chewing evil as Lionel Luthor. I really find myself liking this episode, from the revelation of Connor, to the decision Tess made to NOT kill Lionel, to Lois' support of Clark's decisions and the weirdness that ensues.

My problem with this episode isn't so much what was in it as it is a pattern that Smallville has in general. We get introduced to these great DC characters, and we rarely ever see them again. I would like to see more of Connor (and Flash, and the Wonder Twins and…), but I'm afraid that now that they ran their long con (heh.), Connor Kent will be relegated to name checks.

Next new episode runs in mid April… we'll see how they wrap all this up.

Will Conservatives Like This Episode?

Yes, for the usual reasons… duty and family win over … duty and family. Eh. Still, not a bad episode with good solid Super values.