EPISODE REVIEW: Smallville: Savior (Season 9, Episode 1)

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Premiere week continues... this time with the ninth (!!!) season opener of Smallville. So does Mr. Kent put on a costume and learn to fly? Finally?

Well, I'll tell you ... after the jump. As usual, I'll spoil the heck out of it.

Play by Play
Chloe is desperately trying to find Lois, who has been missing for three weeks. She's startled by the entry of Dr. Emil Hamilton, who announces that the Justice League has disbanded and gone underground due to their guilt in Jimmy's death.

Lois suddently appears on a commuter train in a flash of light. She's pursued by some variety of female space ninja. The train derails and is caught by Clark. He burns the 'S' symbol into a garage door and leaps onto a tall building. He's dressed in a duster-style overcoat, his shirt bearing the 'S' logo. He's kind of broody looking- more 'Angel' than Man of Steel, but it's a costume.

Roll credits

In the Fortress, Jor-El tells Clark that his lack of aerial acrobatics is due to Clark's thinking of himself as human... Clark says that he wears the family crest (the 'S') as a mark of his destiny.

Lois escapes from the hospital, not realizing that she's missing three weeks of her life. Well, Chloe TRIES to tell her...

Back to the Fortress, Jor-El is running Clark through some flight simulations... he flunks. Clark realizes that he has to ditch Lois to truly become Super.

NOw let's visit the Luthor castle, where everything looks like it was shot through a green filter. We meet three krptonians who are wondering why they don't have the powers they should under a yellow sun. One of them (referred to as Major) is in charge... he actually demands that one of his subordinates kneel before him--- kneel before Zod (!!!!)

Lois is examining the train she rode in on... and meets a mysterious stranger, who is rather critical of the former red-blue blur (Now he is just the blur, due to his rather dark outfit. And quite the tagger- the house of El's family crest is now emblazoned across the city...)

Dr Hamilton is quite the technobabbly type. Between Chloe and Emil, we get a quick- Lois used a Legion ring to come back from the future, and she was chased.

Tess wakes up and meets Major Zod. She was tortured by the kryptonians to learn what she knows. Zod is major creepy. Apparently, they are confused as to why they are there... the voice in the orb was NOT Zod.

Chloe finds Clark being all broody on a rooftop. He's trying to shed his humanity to be objective. Chloe tells Clark about Lois' super-ninja stalker.... he looks... broody.

Meanwhile, Lois finds Oliver in a fightclub. They trade quick barbs, and then SuperNinjaChick shows up, eyes blazing... literally. Clark zips in, tags the location and wisks SuperNinjaChick off to Smallville. They fight in the barn, where Clark discovers that she's wearing his father's watch (That'd be Jonathan Kent...) He still has his father's watch, so ... she's from the future, and she has the watch because Clark gave it to her. She whips out some Blue Kryptonite and says she has to destroy him to 'save their world'. Impressive fight, she loses badly (never bring a sword to a tractor engine fight...) and dies.

Lois is bandaging Ollie's wounds, and trying to find the hero within. Ollie is on a self pity trip, and Lois Lane, girl target, refuses to go along with it.

Tess is before a tribunal of a host of kryptonian soldiers, along with Zod. They all are rather confused as to why they are there. Zod conjectures (correctly) that the reason they are there is because Krypton has been destroyed. He makes an impassioned speech, and all the soldiers KNEEL BEFORE ZOD.

Chloe and Clark talk in the barn- she asks Clark to use the Legion ring to save Jimmy. Clark refuses, the last time he tried to change destiny, Jonathan died. Chloe calls Clark inhuman (accurate, but it still smarts) and storms out.

The Kryptonians left Luthor mansion without a trace.

Turns out that Lois' Mysterious Stranger is John Corbin, a fellow reporter. He'll be filling Clark's desk for a bit.

Lois goes home, goes to bed... and dreams an odd flashforwardy dream.... full of dread and import, I assume.

This resets the status quo-- Apparently Clark Kent is out of the picture... he's trying to be all Kryptonian all the time. We'll find out how that works out for him.

He's begun the construction of his Superman identity, by way of Batman/ Angel. I hope they avoid the inherent trap and bring Clark and Superman into the light.

Oh, John Corbin is Metallo, the Man With The Kryptonite Heart, for those of you keeping score at home. And Yes. Every Word In His Name Is Capitalized.

Looks to be an interesting season... I just wish they'd stop talking in expositiony word balloons.