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It was inevitable with Blackest Night and the coming Zombie Apocalypso that Clark Kent and company would become involved in the war.... what 28 months later... after the initial zombie craze.

Let's see if Kal-El and Co. bring anything new to the party

The Lois and Clark dynamic starts to work it's way into the pattern we are all familiar with... in fact, the first scene after the teaser could've been from "Lois and Clark, the New Adventures of Superman".

Oliver has issues with Clark, but doesn't everybody at some point? Clark admits to Ollie that he was wrong about Doomsday, not that it matters now.

Fast, superstrong zombies attack Tess in Luthor mansion--- she manages to fight them off with a sword, but she gets bitten.

(At this point, I really have to hand it to whoever shot this episode. The atmosphere has been solidly creepy and the last shot of Tess in this act looked like a classic E.C. horror comic panel. I'm solidly 'into' this episode. Good D.P. work)

Wow. Tess caught a zombie bug, didn't she? Classic horror schtick, but somehow very effective.

Between Dr. Hamilton and Chloe, we get a lot of good technobabble. .. eventually it may actually lead to actual exposition. Or, not, as the case may be. There is some interesting continuity porn, though. Davis' Bloom's kryptonian enzymes may help provide an antidote. Too bad he's dead. OH YEAH, we have another Kryptonian available, don't we?

Too bad he's trapped in the Daily Planet with lots of zombies, a zombie bitten Lois and Oliver Queen. Lois starts talking relationship stuff, and I went to the kitchen to make grilled cheese sandwiches. Somehow, while I'm combining Muenster, Cheddar and Baby Swiss into gooey, melty goodness, Clark gets blood drawn with a Kryptonite needle.

Hamilton and Chloe seed the clouds with Kryptonian Blood antidote.... so that the rain will wash away the zombie-ness.

I should've picked this section to make the grilled cheese in, because it's a recap of the trailer....

Clark holds Lois as the healing rain falls. They made it, and I'm actually still engaged in the story.

Clark and Ollie have another heart to heart, and Ollie makes a bonfire out of his Green Arrow togs.

Lois drives all the way from Metropolis to thank Clark for being a hero- she then gets all premonition-y

Major Zod quotes Buddha, and we find that one of the renegade Kryptonians released the zombie virus. The renegades still haven't gained superpowers from the yellow sun and discovering Clark has them...

Well, it makes Zod go all McLeod on the renegade.....

Whoa. Strong episode, some nice character moments... some startling if not actually frightening images... and in the tradition of the great zombie flicks, a good chunk of the action was in one staircase.

The make up was well done, the resolution felt earned, the direction was good and the acting worked well. Or, I might've just been in the mood for this episode.

They did some nice work.

Chloe is watching the League, trying to protect them... because apparently they are pretty self destructive (witness: Oliver)

Zod now believes that Jor-El is the blur... not Kal-El. I wonder why the Kryptonians don't have powers yet. It is an interesting mystery that might actually develop into something.

What did you guys think? (R3, I think you need to watch this one)