EPISODE REVIEW: SMALLVILLE: "Prophecy" (Season 10, Episode 20)

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Tonight's the last episode of Smallville before the two hour finale next week, so we can expect a solid lead up to all the festivities. Tonight, a Silver Age staple: Lois Lane gets Superman's powers.


Lois is at wit's end and believes a conspiracy is afoot to derail their reception and Metropolis in general. The perpetrators of this grand scheme are an outfit called "Marionette Industries" (oh, now that's not obvious….) Clark makes her pause for a moment to run up to the Fortress of Solitude (It's not very solitary if everybody knows about it….) and get Jor-El's approval for the 'life union'.
Nevermind that Jor-El is dead and only a computer consciousness. He tells Lois and Clark that if they are to be united, they must understand. With that, Jor-El causes yet another Fortress quake (Clark shouldn't have built on a fault line). When it's over, Lois has Clark's powers.
Ollie, on the trail of the Bow of Orion, finds Kara imprisoned in a cave. To free her, there's some Apokalyptian tech-by-way-of-Indiana Jones stuff that needs doing. Ollie manages this, and they go off in search of the Bow.
Meanwhile, Lois carries Clark back to the Daily Planet, where her newfound powers cause her to have a breakthrough on the story she's working on. Clark doesn't trust the switcharoo- mainly because he doesn't trust Jor-El.
While breaking the story, Clark tries to train Lois in using his … her powers. He explains to her how to triage needs and emergencies. She finds a cue in the place they're staking out, and finds that Stargirl is assaulting a shopkeeper.
Kara and Ollie continue their search for the Bow… when she explains Orion's origins as Darkseid's son who chose light. They do some trick shooting to open a door, then Kara gets a summons from Jor-El (still dead, by the way) and has to leave Ollie staring at the light pouring from the open door…
Kara and Jor-El have a discussion, where she contemplates her destiny.
Stargirl is brought to the watchtower, where she is brought back to her senses. She's got a mind control device attached to her, courtesy of Toyman. Lois blurs off to visit him in prison. Toyman has apparently figured out that Clark is the Blur. In an odd bit of gamesmanship, Toyman compels Lois to accept a mind control device and orders her to kill the Blur.
Ollie stands before the glowing bow of Orion, inscribed with the legend: "The only true power comes from within". He reaches for it, but it is snatched away from him, by Granny Goodness, who destroys it and begins to mindfrack Oliver.
Marionette ventures looks like the Injustice League…
Lois Lane bursts into the Watchtower and proceeds to beat the crap out of Clark. In a Ladyhawke-ish moment that I don't quite understand (I must've missed something), Clark gets his powers back just in time. He rushes to the Toyman's cell, crushes his iPhone and vaguely threatens him before rushing off to the Fortress to turn Jor-El off.
Ollie has found some Gold Kryptonite. I think that Darkseid wants him to use it…
Kara, tears in her eyes, takes the Legion ring and journeys (we assume) to the future.
Lois has come to the conclusion that every moment that Clark spends with her takes away from people who he could be saving. She calls off the marriage.


If Clark didn't trust Jor-El, why did he seek his approval for his marriage? I mean, seriously. The guy has been reduced to a glowing crystal… but we needed to get to this point, didn't we? We needed the classic Superwoman storyline with the Smallville twist, right?
Well, okay. This did serve as a character study. When Lois gains the powers of Superman, she is overwhelmed by the neediness of the world. Since she is a moral person, it's impossible for her to deal with the decisions that Clark has to make as Super… the Blur. She understands that Clark has to prioritize, but she knows that there's never a moment when he's not needed. Lois can't process that sometimes he just needs to be Clark, and he needs to be loved.
Love is what gives him the strength to do good.

Yeah, there are some hokey bits… the round table of the Injustice League was a little over the top, but it fit with tonight's Silver Age theme.
And Kara's departure leaves Clark as the only Kryptonian on Earth. He faces Darkseid (And apparently Luthor) alone, though I don't think cousin Supergirl is nearly as important as the love of Lois will be.

This week, we got a look at the Suit (Brandon Routh's…)
Next week, we get a Superman movie.

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Silver Age of comics premise with a crunchy moral center- you've gotta have a little love for that....