EPISODE REVIEW: Smallville: "Lazarus" (Season 10, Episode 1)

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EPISODE REVIEW: Smallville: "Lazarus" (Season 10, Episode 1)

Episode Recap

Clark hits the ground (remember, he was falling off a building last season), blue Kryptonite knife embedded in his chest. As he lies dying, he finds himself in a metaphysical cornfield with green skies. The scarecrow stand that he was hung on in the pilot episode stands in the middle, along with a tombstone. Jor-El's voice taunts him a bit, telling him that he took the martyr's path, not the hero's. Before coming back to life, he sees Lex.

Lois finds Clark, and pulls out the dagger. Clark stirs, and she runs away, not wanting him to know that she knows that he's The Blur. (Convoluted, thy name is Lois Lane). He struggles to his feet, the sun comes out, he heals and runs off.

Chloe's in the Watchtower, trying to find out what has happened to Ollie. There's another face in the video she's uncovered…. but Clark shows up and gives Chloe the bullet points,and to dig up stuff on Lex.

Lois is going through old newspaper clippings, discovering that she may be the last of the inner circle to know that Clark is 'Super'. Clark shows up, and they banter a bit. She makes a date with him in the Kent Barn.

Chloe is in the Justice Society HQ, the helmet of Fate whispering to her. She wants to know where Ollie is, and the helmet may be the way to find out. It puts her on… (yeah, I got that right). Clark finds her afterwards and takes her to Dr. Hamilton.

Ollie is getting the crap beaten out of him by the face on the video, who seems very 'government'. They're trying to get to the bottom of the Kandorian invasion. So, they torture Ollie. Now that makes perfect sense...

Tess, who when last we saw her was flatlining and burned to a crisp, wakes up in a lab with half her face covered in some add compound. She sees the name 'Cadmus' in the lab and runs out to find large tubes filled with clones, marked with LX designations. She opens a closet, there's a ginger kid with LX on his shirt. Tess asks his name--- "Alexander". They go to the tubes, where Alexander says that they are all spare parts for the 'creator'. She opens a closet, and out pops 'a bad one'. All the clones share Lex's memories.

Chloe wakes up, with Fate-like pronouncments. She tells him that Cadmus is burning, so he runs. He finds the lab burned out, and Tess handcuffed to a bed. She tells him that the evil Lex clone will meet him in Lawson's field.

Lois is going through the Kent farmhouse, and finds the super-suit. (!!!)
The Lex clone k.o.'s her, and puts her on the post in Lawson's field, the post that Lex took Clark off in the pilot. Lex exposits, recites some Hawthorne, then ignites the post.

Clark meets the Lex clone, who excoriates Clark for his sinful pride. He has set a bomb on the roof of the planet and has set fire to his woman. "Not even you are fast enough to save them both…" (boy, does that sound familiar!) With that, CloneLuthor dies.

But he is fast enough. He first saves Lois from fiery death, then runs faster than he ever has, takes a hop, a leap and flies, lifting the Daily Planet's globe into the sky. As he holds it up, the pride in his heroism flashes across his face.

He returns to the barn and opens the box with the super suit. As he begins to take it out, he is transported to the Fortress of Solitude, where the voice of Jor-El says that it wasn't heroism, but pride and vanity that Clark just experienced. That he couldn't be a hero with darkness in his heart, and that darkness was his greatest enemy, and the greatest enemy of mankind. With those words, the Fortress goes dark.

In the closing montage, we see Chloe make a prisoner exchange for Ollie, Tess give the young Lex clone milk and cookies, and Lois in Africa. Clark gets her note, and lets it fall to the ground. He then sees a figure mending a fence: It's Jonathan Kent. Jonathan gives him much better guidance than Jor-El. He says that Clark is good, and that everyone has to find a way to deal with the dark stains on their hearts. And Clark should do what Clark does best, which is prove Jor-El wrong. Jonathan then tells Clark that darkness is coming. Clark tries to get more information, but Jonathan disappears.

We see a dark cloud of smoke issue from the Kryptonian console that Tess rescued from the Rao tower wreckage. The smoke drifts with purpose toward the edge of the building and takes on a humanoid form. No, not John Locke, but Darkseid!

We zoom to the darkened fortress, where the familiar red and blue suit is hanging in a crystal closet, ready to be claimed.


For the second time tonight, an examination of heroism. Can you be a symbol of hope when you have darkness in your heart? Is simple pride in one's abilities truly a soul darkening sin? Would you trade your sanity for your love? And they find a way to work the crucifixion imagery from the pilot into this season's theme: Is being a martyr truly a way to be a hero?

Some heady questions for this season, no? But this is not Action Philosophers, this is a Superman show, and it looks like finally is becoming just that: A Superman show. He flew, he has the suit, he is getting the drive to become a symbol.

Chloe is on her way to fulfilling my Fateful Prophecy from last year. She will become the next Doctor Fate. This will pull her and Ollie apart, mainly because she will be loony as heck.

Tess is raising herself a Luthor. That's gonna be all kinds of fun.

Lois thinks that separation will keep her from being a target, and thus help Clark's focus. Silly girl….

And the suit. It's the 'Superman Returns' suit, but it is THE SUIT.

Next week: I have no idea. A gunslinger in Metropolis? This is a job for Superman?

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