EPISODE REVIEW: Smallville: "Isis" (Season 10, Episode 6)

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Oliver is putting together a gala for Carter's Egyptian exhibit, but an artifact is missing: The amulet of Isis. Funny… it looks like the amulet that fell into her bag in Egypt.

Lois is planning on telling Clark that she knows that he's the Blur. Clark is also planning on telling Lois that he's the Blur. Oliver couldn't be happier, he loves the fact that he came out (as a hero).

In the Daily Planet newsroom, Cat Grant is back, making Lois and Clark's plans kind of fall apart. They conspire to meet on the roof, but when searching for her lucky lipstick, Lois becomes possessed by the Amulet of Isis.

Ollie and Clark try in vain to find "Professor Hawk" for more info on Isis. They fear she is trying to bring back Osiris and his kingdom. Well, isn't that a fortunate guess, because as they speak, Lois-Isis is gathering Osiris' organ jars in plain site of Cat Grant (who witnesses the power of Isis).

Tess is having young Alexander LuthorClone's head examined. Cat comes in and mistakes a photo of Alexander for Tess's son. She tries to interest Tess in a big story: Lois Lane is the Blur!

Tess laughs her out of the office. I think that's the first time I've heard Tess laugh. It's kind of scary.

Tess warns Ollie and Clark that Cat is on their trail, and that LoIsis is very close to reuniting the heart and body of Osiris. (Thank YOU, Exposition-Lass…) Clark finds LoIsis and stops the reunion, and for all his trouble gets a lecture in love. She uses magic to bind Clark into Osiris' sarcophagus and seems to be about to sacrifice Clark to bring back Osiris.

Cat Grant walks in and interrupts the ritual, angering LoIsis. Green Arrow swings in, rescues Cat and stalls long enough for Clark to escape. Exposition Girl has told Ollie that a blast of light through the amulet would return the spirit of Isis to it's prison. So, through some nifty teamwork, Oliver and Clark take the amulet and blast heatvision through it, restoring Lois.

After the dust settles, Oliver and Clark give Tess the keys to the Watchtower. Exposition Girl lives!

Tess decides to keep LuthorClone, Jr…. because he needs love. (Look! It's a Luthor she can love!) He's growing at an accelerated rate, and may be a bit unstable, but she is forming an emotional bond with the lad.

Back in the newsroom, Cat stabs Lois with a ballpoint, trying to prove that she's the Blur. After telling Cat the truth (the whole 'Possessed by Isis' thing), Clark takes Lois to an office to patch her up. Slowly, he confesses that he's the Blur, only to realize that Lois knew all along. Well not all along, but for quite a while anyway.


A pretty cool episode, all told. It got a bit preachy in parts (the price of love, indeed!), but the joyous end was a good payoff.

For those of you younger than 35, Lois' transformation and appearance as Isis was a deliberate callback to the Saturday Morning Shazam/Isis hour. In another Easter Egg, the dagger that LoIsis tried to use in her sacrifice was labled "Dagger of Teth-Adam". Teth-Adam is another name of the Captain Marvel adversary Black Adam, a being who might be stronger than Superman. (Now THAT would be a bit of a head-fake if Black Adam became this season's big bad, no?)

I was impressed again this week with Ms. Durance- her possession by Isis was very different, right down to facial expression and vocal cadence, from her portrayal as Lois. And as Lois, she's incredible. You KNOW why Clark loves her.

Tom Welling did a very good job as well. You could see the emotions play over his face all through the episode.

One question, though- Why does nobody notice strange speech patterns on this show?

Not an Emmy winner, but a good episode.