EPISODE REVIEW: Smallville: "Idol" (Season 9, episode 8)

Sam White
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This episode started with a guiding light falling on Clark and Lois in bed, apparently enjoying the days of their lives together. It was soon noticed, though, that Clark was in need of the services of a general hospital as there was a scar on his cheek. It was then that we--the audience--began to suspect something was amiss and we were soon proven right as this proved to be a dream Lois was relating to her therapist (a woman of the Bob “How does that make you feel?” Newhart variety of counselors).

Before Lois can think too much about her obsession with her co-worker, she receives a giant package from the Blur which turns out to be four undercover cops the Blur has apparently mistaken for criminals. Not only have we a blunder of super proportions, but said blunder has blown the case against the crooked DA, who then calls out the Blur to come forth and be seen and stop being a vigilante.

Clark, with the help of Chloe (aka “Watchtower”) discovers that the fake Blur--who has perpetrated several mistakes around town while, occasionally, actually helping the cause of right--is a pair of teenagers named Zan and Jana who are, apparently, part Power Ranger and can morph into other things by doing a sort of fist-bump. The moment where they try to do their bump but are instantly joined by Clark was pretty cool but I wondered how Clark knew it wouldn’t effect him. When the two Rangers wake up, Clark gets a chance to do some moralizing and we’re left with the impression that these two are good at heart and will be a great asset to the ever-increasing cast of good guys. I couldn’t help but think I was watching the birth of those teens that used to help/hinder the Super Friends.

Meanwhile, Lois tries to stand up for the Blur to the D.A. and, in the process gets a call from the Blur. The boy Wonder Twin is monkeying with Chloe’s electronic gadgets, however, and Lois recognizes Clark’s voice on the phone. Suddenly, it all makes sense to her and she can’t decide whether to slap him or jump him (if you know what I mean). She settles for almost getting killed by the D.A. Clark manages to save her and the Wonder Twins provide a covering fog so that neither Lois or anyone else knows for sure who did it.

And then Lois gets a call from the Blur while Clark is standing there and all seems well with the world except for the fact that there’s still 10 minutes left in the episode. Clark is a little miffed at Chloe because, even though she protected his secret, it would appear she’s been monitoring him like a mother cat over kittens. This conversation ends with us not entirely sure whether Clark is mollified or not.

But that’s not the biggie!

Lois goes to kiss Clark, realizing she’s in love with him today and the Blur was just a crush, but when she kisses Clark she gets some sort of vision of (presumably) the future. It’s a future heavy on reds and blacks as the whole world is burning, Chloe is lying dead, Oliver is … being Oliver and the symbology would lead one to believe it’s all the Blur’s fault. Lois wisely passes out at this point and the credits roll.

As episodes go, I would give it 6 stars out of ten. No glaring deficiencies, but nothing to make me say, “I can’t wait to see that one again!!”