EPISODE REVIEW: SMALLVILLE "Crossfire" (Season 9, Episode 7)

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Tonight, we ask the musical question "What exactly is Oliver's defect?" and can a streetwalker/streetfighter combination be a good chauffeur?

Nobody kneels before Zod-- especially Tess; and Lois and Clark take a shot at morning television.

All this and more after the jump.

Oliver sees a girl across a crowded cage match. She happens to be one of the ones in a cage. Mia lays a smackdown on her opponent, and then is grabbed by her pimp to take her to her night job.

Here we begin the aforementioned question:"What is Oliver's defect?". He picks her up and offers to train her... but for what, exactly? I mean, if he's looking for a youthful ward, shouldn't he find one recently orphaned in a circus or something?

(Yes, I know. The Smallville version of Mia is fairly close to the comics version... well, as close as Smallville gets. )

So Ollie finds his Speedy (and she gets the nickname in a logical fashion), but as she's a prostitute, she has previous employer issues. These get complicated and require Blur intervention in a pretty impressive sequence.

Oh, and Ollie is carrying a torch for Lois, and gets his fingers burned
(Second verse of "What is Ollie's defect?"

Lois and Clark try their hand at hosting morning TV. This plot goes pretty much nowhere, but there are some cool character bits.

Also simmering somewhere in the background, Zod and Tess continue their Kryptonian Tango... he wants to know where the Blur is (believing it to be Jor-El), she wants control. The good news is that these Kandorian Kryptonians don't have Clark's powers. so Tess is able to off one to prove her point.

The episode climaxes (figuratively) when Clark engages Lois in some serious liplock.

The chemistry between Lois and Clark is building nicely. Even though their subplot doesn''t do much this episode, it provides some entertaining banter.

It looks like the Green Arrow/Speedy dynamic is based on a combination of the Mia from the comic books and Green Hornet/Kato. Her red and yellow leather is an interesting (ahem) nod to the traditional Speedy costume.

I think that Zod will come to the forefront very soon.... like next week. I peeked at the scenes from next week.

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