EPISODE REVIEW: Sanctuary: “Sanctuary for None – Part 2” (Season 4, Episode 13)

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The season finale of Sanctuary is here. Bloody hell, that was spectacular.

After Helen Magnus let the abnormal out of the bag, so to speak, SCIU (Specified Counter Insurgency Unit) offices are flooded with calls. Greg Addison, SCIU director, is promising his bosses that he will regain control of the situation.

Will Zimmerman takes a call from Magnus. She tells Will they need to stop Addison’s plans. Will is still not fully on board with Magnus as she won’t disclose her entire plan to him.

Magnus talks to Henry Foss about getting the abnormals out. She was in Poland when the Nazis came through. She says history has a tendency to repeat itself. Henry and Nikola Tesla go to determine what the SCIU is using to hold the abnormals in the Fifth Ward.

Because things have gotten out of control, Addison’s superiors have taken control of the situation from him. Addison is upset and goes to Will for information about what Magnus is planning. Addison says that SCIU can use one of Tesla’s inventions as a weapon. Will doesn’t tell Addison anything.

The Big Guy meets with abnormal leader Caleb. Caleb shows Big Guy a vial of blue liquid and says what is in it will cause humans to treat abnormals as gods.

Magnus sneaks into the settlement to talk to Caleb. She wants to evacuate the settlement back to Hollow Earth. Caleb says he won’t go back underground. Magnus tells him that the SCIU will likely kill them all; Caleb doesn’t budge. Disturbed by Caleb’s lack of caring for the abnormals, Magnus asks Kate and the Big Guy to look into what is happening.

The Big Guy finds Bruno, the bird-like abnormal, snooping in Caleb’s office. Bruno has the blue vial. The Big Guy tells him it is not smart to steal from Caleb.

Bruno shows up at the Sanctuary with the vial. He says the Big Guy sent it.

Will and Abby try to figure out Magnus’ plan. Magnus told Will she spent the last 113 years in isolation, but will thinks that she was maneuvering under a different name. He also believes she had Wall Street shut down for 12 minutes in order to secretly liquidate her assets.

Tesla discovers that the blue liquid is a virus. The virus will activate dormant abnormal genes in all humans.

Caleb discovers the vial is missing. He goes and confronts the Big Guy. Caleb and a group of abnormals beat down the Big Guy.

Will confronts Addison. Addison tells him things are no longer his decision. He convinces Addison to give him some time. Addison agrees to give will the code for the containment field. With the code, Henry can cut off power to the fencing. Will goes in to evacuate the abnormals. Addison says Will has ten minutes before the SCIU comes.

Magnus is arming up when the alarm for the front gate sounds. She goes to find the Big Guy lying out front beaten. Caleb and his crew go after her. She fires at them, but bullets barely slow them down.

Magnus wants to lure Caleb and his group into the main lab. Tesla turns his vampire on and Henry wolfs out. Helen ends up with Caleb in the main lab. He comes at her and she stabs him with a huge drill that hangs off the ceiling. A clock on the computer is counting down. Magnus goes for Henry’s personal shield.

The Sanctuary EXPLODES.

Henry and Tesla are able to escape just in time. There is no sign of Magnus.

Will goes to an underground tunnel. He comes to a retinal scanner. A door opens and there is Magnus, no worse for wear.

Magnus apologizes to Will for keeping things from him and asks him if he wants to see something. He says since he quit SCIU he has time. Magnus shows him an underground Sanctuary complete with waterfalls, sunlight, and vegetation. Magnus looks at Will and says, “Shall we begin?”

Rating: 9.5 abnormals out of 10. A wonderful episode.

Stray Thoughts:
• I guess Henry’s personal shield finally worked.
• Evidently Magnus has been planning and building this new underground Sanctuary for 113 years.
• The underground Sanctuary reminded me of phase 2 of the Genesis project from Star Trek 2, bringing a lifeless underground to life.
• What happened to the Big Guy? We do not know if he is dead or alive. The actor, Christopher Heyerdahl is also on AMC’s “Hell on Wheels” in addition to playing both the Big Guy and John Druitt on Sanctuary.
• This show is much different than the show that started four seasons ago. Here is hoping Syfy will give the go ahead for a fifth season.

Will conservatives like this?
Yes, it was an excellent episode. It alludes to how an out of control government can do harmful things.