EPISODE REVIEW: Sanctuary: “Sanctuary for None – Part 1” (Season 4, Episode 12)

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The penultimate episode of Sanctuary sets the table for a nice season finally.

Feliz, the Sanctuary’s financier, comes to Helen Magnus and tells him he can no longer be her banker. What she wants him to do is too risky. She reluctantly agrees and asks him to shut down Wall Street for 12 minutes as one last favor. He agrees.

Will becomes cornered by some tough guys that are trying to hurt an abnormal. The Hollow Earth insurgency leader Caleb comes to his rescue. Caleb tells will he wants a meeting with Magnus.

Tesla is back at the Sanctuary. He is saddened at losing his job and mopes around complaining of losing his budget and research. Henry listens as to Tesla while working on his energy shield.

Caleb meets with Magnus and tells her he is tired of war and wants the abnormals to leave peacefully above the earth. Magnus thinks he is sincere, Will does not.

Magnus calls Addison, the leader of the SCIU (Specified Counter Insurgency Unit), to broker a peace deal. Addison is not agreeable and just wants the location of Caleb. Magnus won’t give him up and is determined to move forward.

Magnus meets with Franklin, a local detective that gives Magnus lots of room in the fifth ward. They plan to make the fifth ward a permanent abnormal settlement.

Will is pulled over and drafted back into service by the SCIU. Will doesn’t want to do it, but Magnus tells him to go ahead.

Magnus helps Caleb free his people. When Addison discovers this, he is upset and orders Will to have Magnus arrested. Will goes to Franklin and threatens her to help set a trap for Magnus.

The Big Guy tells Henry that he is leaving the Sanctuary. Henry is no happy about his decision. The Big Guy says that he always wanted to be free and this was his chance.

Kate is back to help with the fifth ward settlement. Things seem to be going well. Kate runs into the Big Guy. She tells him she is engaged to Garris, the abnormal she has been working with. He gets upset with her and tells her that this is no place for her.

Magnus falls into Will’s trap with Franklin. After a brief car chase, Magnus and Will come to blows. She escapes on a motorcycle. Since Magnus wasn’t arrested, Addison decides to move ahead with his 11th Hour Plan.

Caleb and Magnus are happy things with the settlement are going well. Magnus wants to start sending overflow to other Sanctuaries. Caleb refuses. Magnus sees the Big Guy and tells him she understands why he is leaving. As she goes to hug him, the Big Guy backs away. Magnus heads back to the Sanctuary.

The fifth ward settlement is surrounded by SCIU forces. They enclose the area in a fence and tell the media there was a toxic spill. Will and Addison are watching this unfold on the news, as they are watching Magnus comes on the screen and tells the reporter about abnormals.

Rating: 7 abnormal out of 10. This was an okay episode. The next episode will determine how well this episode did at setting everything up.

Stray Thoughts:
• Carlo Rota plays the financier Feliz and is only in the episode for the first couple of minutes.
• Jonathan Young was back as Tesla and was greatly underused.
• Caleb was played by Gil Bellows.
• “No more Mies van Der Rohe Pied-a-Terre, no more bottomless expense account, no more hottie… what’s her face. What else is left for me now but the grape?” – Nikola Tesla.
• Ratings for last week were on par with the season average.
• The season 4 final is Friday at 10pm after a full day of Sanctuary episodes to help you get caught up.

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