EPISODE REVIEW: Sanctuary: “Chimera” (Season 4, Episode 9)

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It is a special episode of Sanctuary. Because it aired on Tuesday? Partly, but it also included the return of Nikola Tesla and Adam Worth.

A spider like bot is wandering around the halls of the Sanctuary. It enters Helen Magnus’ room. Just as it is about to attack, Helen awakens and grabs the bot. She wakes Henry Foss and they go to the computer lab to review security footage. The bot entered Will’s and Henry’s room before it was captured by Magnus. The bot ‘bites’ the victim in the back of the neck and downloads the person’s memories. Both Will and Henry are fine.

They check the cage the bot was in and it appears the bot wasn’t broken out but let out. Other glitches have been happening in the computer system. They discover there is a hidden sector in the system that even Henry was not aware of. There is someone at the front door with one of Magnus’ old codes.

It is Nikola Tesla!!

Tesla created the sector to combat Adam Worth. He quarantined the sector. When Magnus asked Henry to move the Sanctuary’s file to a more secure server, all firewalls were down for only a second. In that second, a Praxian organic nanite was able to escape the sector. The nanite is self-aware and evolving.

After several failed attempts to fix the problem, Tesla and Magnus decide to enter the virtual world in order to find the nanite and contain it.

They find themselves on the outside world in what appears to the Sanctuary, only different. A chandelier that Magnus replaced 50 years ago still hangs, a hallway goes on forever; doors don’t lead where they are supposed to, and the elevator door leads to the edge of a cliff.

Magnus and Tesla enter a large room. Someone comes running towards them. It is Adam Worth, or at least a virtual representation of him. He is nice to them. He is trying to learn more about their shared history. That can’t be good.

Adam shoes them a computer diagram. Tesla uses it to quarantine the nanite. Success! Magnus and Tesla return to the real world. Henry has the nanite in an external drive. All is well and Helen goes to bed. She awakes to see an angrier Adam standing over her. Tesla runs in saying they are still in the virtual world, but she knows that.

Adam handcuffs Magnus and Tesla. He tries to extract information from them. Adam shows Magnus images of her deceased daughter. It is not real but it opens Manus’ emotions. Through her, Adam discovers that she tried to kill him 3 times, succeeded, and (in his eyes) killed his daughter. He starts to choke her. Tesla turns into his vampire form, breaks free, and attacks Adam. Adam vamps out as well and fights back.

Magnus’ real world vitals are dropping and, on the outside, Will injects her with adrenaline. In the virtual world, she breaks her bonds and sends Adam flying through the room. Magnus, against Tesla better judgment, decides to reboot the system from the inside to prevent the nanite from escaping. Before they can complete this dangerous move, Adam knocks them out with an electrical shock.

In the real world, they are brain dead. Henry and Big Gut work on a device they think will help pull Magnus’ and Tesla’s minds back.

In the virtual world, awaken with Adam. He has found camera feeds of the outside world and he wants out.

By keeping Adam busy, Tesla is able to send a message in Praxian to the outside world. Henry deciphers the message and Will goes in to help.

Tesla notices that when Adam multitasks, there is a spike in power and he can’t control it. Tesla gives him too many things to handle and he and Magnus escape.

They come to find the room where the nanite is housed. As Tesla tries to grab the nanite, Adam comes into the room. Will enters the room as well. Adam is becoming very powerful and says he is leaving for the real world. He makes Magnus choose which body he will take, Tesla’s or Will’s. Adam says she enjoys playing God, so here is another chance for her to do it. She decides on Will because he is young, strong, and a clean slate. Adam takes over Will’s virtual body.

Adam goes to leave and trap Magnus and Tesla in the virtual world. He can’t leave. Magnus comes to him with the nanite. She tells Adam that she is in control. Will had left the virtual world and was not really there. Magnus and Tesla leave for real.

Back on the outside, they decide to send the nanite back to Hollow Earth to help with the rebuilding of Praxis. The Big Guy offers to take the nanite down and to see Kate as well.

As Tesla and Magnus drink wine, he asks who she would have really chosen. She responds, “Do you need to ask?” and drinks her wine.

Another strong episode: 8 abnormals out of 10. It would have been higher if they would have shown how Magnus and Tesla defeated Adam instead of that occurring off-screen.

Stray Thoughts:
· The title, “Chimera”, means a single organism composed of 2 or more distinct cells.
· “If this was a movie, the audience would be screaming not to open the door.”
· It is always good when Jonathon Young (Tesla) is on. His episodes are among the best of the show.
· Ratings were down for this episode. Hopefully it was because of the different night and the show will pick up momentum with this episode airs again on Friday.
· The next new episode is Friday, December 9th.

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